Monday, October 27, 2008


Sarah and Lee got the food trivia question on Friday. Sandi got the brain bruiser question. Sarah was on vacation and still solved the food trivia. Lee was hard at work at college and Sandi was without her partner. Come on give them some competition. Louise got the riddle right. I don't think anyone can touch her in the riddle department.

Getting ready to go to the beach.


Food Trivia

Nine German letters
Oldest recipe from 1432
A rotten kid
Sometimes cooked in beer

Brain Bruisers

A record for a section-
25th leader
Mount McKinley

What bird always run from a fight?
A canary. (It's a yellow bird)


Food Trivia Question

A male
More popular in the south
You need a period
Last name starts with a "P"

Brain Bruisers Question

Small numbers are the best
Touch in king
No two exactly the same
32,000 in the world


What kind of cookie must be handled carefully?

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