Wednesday, October 31, 2007



Louise was really thinking because she got all the answers yesterday. Come on and give her some competition.

Brain Bruisers Question
Why should you never iron a four-leaf clover?

You don't want to press your luck.

Food Trivia Question
Named after its founder.
An elderly lady.
A common last name.
Green and tart.

Grandy Smith

He who has it doesn't tell about it. He who takes it doesn't know about it. He who knows what it is doesn't want it. What is it?

Counterfeit money


Brain Bruisers Question

What symbol can you put between five and nine to get a number bigger than five and smaller than nine?

Food Trivia Question

From cracking to mushy.

Nine thin letters.
First three letters are expensive and soothing.
Original meaning: Twine.

Who did Frankenstein take to the prom?


Well I hope everybody has a Happy Halloween and that they don't eat to much candy that they are suppose to be given out. It looks like the weather will be pretty nice for all those trick or treaters. The CH boys volleyball team defeated Matoaca last night to advance to the CD finals against Thomas Dale tomorrow night in Colonial Heights, the girls team fell to Prince George 3-1. I have posted a link below to some photos Al took at Monday nights football game against Meadowbrook. I have posted a few photos of fellow blogger Bobby getting in the Halloween spirit. MICKEY


The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become.
Harold Taylor

• Today is National Knock-Knock Day, a day for kids of all ages to try out their knock-knock jokes.

• Today is National Magic Day, observed on the date of Harry Houdini's death in 1926.

1864: Nevada became the 36th U.S. state. The Spanish word means "snowy."
1987: Jockey Chris Antley rode four winners in one afternoon at Aqueduct in New York City. Then, for an encore, that same evening he rode five winners at the Meadowlands in New Jersey.
2003: Teen surfing star Bethany Hamilton lost her left arm in a shark attack off Kauai, Hawaii.

Author Dick Francis is 87
Actress Lee Grant is 80
Movie critic Andrew Sarris is 79
Former CBS anchorman Dan Rather is 76
Folk singer Tom Paxton is 70
Actress Sally Kirkland is 63
Actress Deidre Hall is 59
Talk show host Jane Pauley is 57
Actor Dermot Mulroney is 44
Actor Rob Schneider is 43
Country singer Darryl Worley is 43
Actor-comedian Mike O'Malley is 42
TV host Troy Hartman is 33
Actress Piper Perabo is 31
Actor Eddie Kaye Thomas is 27

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

noty a good night

when the home team gets beat 62-`0 there are not a lot of highlights!!! it took me a while to find these shots and in the first pic it looks like 2 colonials are getting ready to tackle the runner, but in reality he's running right through them 2 and is going to score a touchdown!

Mickey got the riddle right yesterday. Good guess. Bobby got the food trivia question and it thinks his answer was better then the book on the brain bruiser question. He said yard. I will let you be the judge this time but I'm going with the book. It was a family thing yesterday. Well some of the family anyway.

Brain Bruisers Answer

Must use a foot.
A place to play or grow things.
Inches matter big-time.

Field Goal

Food Trivia Answer
Eight letters.
A disrespectful laugh.
Best-selling of its kind
Made by a planet.



What do you get when you cross an automobile with a household animal?



Brain Bruisers Question
Why should you never iron a four-leaf clover?

Food Trivia Question
Named after its founder. An elderly lady. A common last name. Green and tart.


He who has it doesn't tell about it. He who takes it doesn't know about it. He who knows what it is doesn't want it. What is it?


The Green Bay Packers defeated the Denver Broncos 19-13 last night in OT, the Packers scored on the first play from scrimmage in OT on a Brett Favre 82 yard TD pass. The Packers are now 6-1 on the season and are starting to play like a playoff team and will play Kansas City next weekend. The CH Colonials didn't fair as well last night falling to Meadowbrook 62-10, the Colonials did score 1st before Meadowbrook even got the ball on field goal. The CH girls and boys volleyball teams will be playing tonight in the CD volleyball tournament. I have enclosed a photo of the famous H that struck fellow blogger Marlyn in the head at the beach when it fell off the shelf from above, I do understand it draw some blood. If that think hit head I guess it would hurt as big as it is. MICKEY

Most people say that is it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character.
Albert Einstein

1938: Actor Orson Welles stirred a national panic with his radio drama "The War of the Worlds." Listeners believed the "simulated" news bulletins in the drama were real and that Grovers Mill, New Jersey, actually was being invaded by men from Mars.
1964: Singer Roy Orbison received a gold record for "Oh Pretty Woman."
1974: Muhammad Ali regained the world boxing title by knocking out heavyweight champ George Foreman in Zaire. Twenty years later Foreman won the title again.
1976: Jane Pauley became a news co-anchor on NBC’s "Today" show.
1984: Ghoul Freddy Krueger slashed his way across the movie screen in the first Nightmare on Elm Street.
1985: Actor Kirby Grant was killed in a Montana auto accident at age 74. On early television he played "America’s Favorite Flying Cowboy" Texas Ranger Sky King.
2000: Entertainer Steve Allen died at age 78. He hosted the original '"'Tonight Show" and, in his spare time, composed more than 4,000 songs.

• Today is National Candy Corn Day.

• Today is National Buy a Doughnut Day.

Your good fortune
Consider how supremely fortunate you are. You're alive, you're able to think, to act, to make decisions, to make a difference. There are those whom you care about. There are those who care about you. You're experienced, knowledgeable, skilled, curious and resourceful.

With all that going for you, there's no need to be stopped by fear. There's no need to be the least bit insecure. There's no need to be angry, arrogant or deceitful. There's every reason to be confident. There's every reason to move forward.

Sure your life has its shortcomings. Yet those are far outweighed by your blessings and your possibilities. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by stepping confidently forward. You are blessed, you are worthy and you deserve to have the best that life can offer. Use every moment to make that happen.

Football coach Dick Vermeil is 71
Actor Dick Gautier is 70
Actor Ed Lauter is 67
Rhythm-and-blues singer Otis Williams (The Temptations) is 66
Actor Henry Winkler is 62
Actor Harry Hamlin is 56
Country singer T. Graham Brown is 53
Actor Kevin Pollak is 50
Actor Michael Beach is 44
Comedian Ben Bailey is 37
Actress Nia Long is 37
Country singer Kassidy Osborn (SHeDAISY) is 31
Actor Gael Garcia Bernal is 29

Monday, October 29, 2007


Louise got the riddle on Friday. Glenn got the answer but he was not first. I think you can do research to find the answer if you can. Whatever it takes. Louise you got the brain bruiser question. Bobby got the food trivia question. Where is Melanie.


Why do dentist like potatoes?
They are filling

Brain Bruisers Question
Two girls are born to the same mother, on the same day, at the same time, in the same month and year and yet they are not twins....How can this be?
They are triplets.

Food Trivia Question
Known as "Georgia Ice Cream". Abrasive particles or granules. Firmness of character. Five southern letters.


TODAY's Questions

Brain Bruisers Question

Three. Must use a foot. A place to play or grow things. Inches matter big-time.

Food Trivia Question

Eight letters.

A disrespectful laugh.
Best-selling of its kind
Made by a planet.


What do you get when you cross an automobile with a household animal?

Got to go because I running late. I couldn't get on earlier because of computer problems. Going to yoga. Keep guessing.



The Boston Red Sox beat the Colorado Rockies last night 4-3 and sweeping the Rockies 4-0, the Rockies were the hottest team in baseball entering the World Series, the Red Sox simply had to much for the Rockies. The Washington Redskins were embarrassed yesterday at New England losing to the Patriots 52-7, it was a total mismatch in every aspect of the game. Tonight the Packers will travel to Denver to meet up with the Broncos. In high school football action tonight the Colonial Heights Colonials will be at home against Meadowbrook and Petersburg will be at Thomas Dale. Jimmy Johnson held of Carl Edwards for the victory in Atlanta yesterday, with the win Johnson is just 9 points behind Jeff Gordon for the championship, Clint Bowyer is 3rd but he is now 111 points behind. It is the coldest morning of the fall here in Colonial Heights, it is a cool 37 this morning but tomorrow it is suppose to be around 30, BRRRR. MICKEY

Life is tough, and if you have the ability to laugh at it you have the ability to enjoy it.
Salma Hayek

• Today is Laugh A Lot Suddenly For No Reason Day.

• Today is National Oatmeal Day, there will be none for me.

1815: Songwriter Daniel Emmett was born in Mount Vernon, Ohio. During the U.S. Civil War, he wrote "Dixie."
1945: The first ballpoint pens went of sale at Gimbels department stores for $12.95.
1956: "The Huntley-Brinkley Report" debuted on NBC-TV, replacing "The Camel News Caravan" with John Cameron Swayze.
1995: Jerry Rice of the San Francisco 49ers became the NFL's leading receiver 14,040 career yards.

Make the first time count
If you only put half the necessary effort into a task, you'll eventually need to do it again, and perhaps again. Does that make any sense? Of course not. If you really want to save yourself time and effort, make every effort your very best effort. When something must be done, work on it with the objective of getting it right the first time.

You likely won't get it perfect. What's important is that you make your first effort count as much as possible. Don't depend on fixing it later. Do what's necessary to get it right the first time around. Then, instead of spending time fixing it, you can move on to something else.

You're spending your precious time and effort. Make it count. Rather than doing the very minimum, do the very most. Rather than marking time, rather than just getting through it, use your time to accomplish something of value. The extra effort and attention you put into getting it right the first time will be returned many times over.

Bluegrass singer-musician Sonny Osborne (The Osborne Brothers) is 70
Country singer Lee Clayton is 65
Singer Melba Moore is 62
Actor Richard Dreyfuss is 60
Actress Kate Jackson is 59
Actor Dan Castellaneta ("The Simpsons") is 50
Country musician Steve Kellough (Wild Horses) is 50
Comic strip artist Tom Wilson ("Ziggy") is 50
Singer Randy Jackson is 46
Actress Joely Fisher is 40
Actress Winona Ryder is 36
Actress Tracee Ellis Ross is 35
Actress Gabrielle Union is 34
Actress Milena Govich is 31
Actor Brendan Fehr is 30

Sunday, October 28, 2007


I found an old classic photo of this fellow blogger on the old computer. MICKEY


Well the Virginia Cavaliers luck ran out in Raleigh yesterday as the Cavaliers blew an opportunity to be in 1st place by themselves falling to the NC State Wolfpack 29-24. The offense played very sporadically and the defensive secondary was really exposed. It is now a three horse race in the Coastal Division of the ACC between Virginia, Virginia Tech and don't count Miami out they still have to play UVA & Virginia Tech. The East Carolina Pirates picked up another win yesterday beating UAB 41-6, with the win the Pirates remained tied with Southern Miss for the top spot in the East Division of CUSA, the Pirates will travel to Memphis next week. The Georgia Bulldogs picked up a big victory yesterday knocking off the Florida Gators 42-30, I don't think there is any doubt that the SEC is the toughest conference in college football followed by the PAC 10. In the NFL today the Redskins will have there hands full this afternoon when they play the New England Patriots, the Redskins are 17 point underdogs in this game, the Packers will play in Denver Monday night. The Richmond Renegades blew a 3-1 lead and fell to the Jacksonville Barracudas 5-3 last night at the RC, the Renegades goalie let in a couple of very soft goals in my opinion but the defense didn't help him much most of the night. The Renegades will return home Friday night against the Twin City Cyclones. The Boston Red Sox are just 1 win away from sweeping the Colorado Rockies after last nights 10-5 win in Denver, the Red Sox can finish of the Rockies tonight. The Nascar Nextel Cup Series will be racing at the Atlanta Motor Speedway today, Jeff Gordon will be looking to extend his points lead over Jimmy Johnson. MICKEY

Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.
Napoleon Hill

Today is Mother-in-Law Day, honor the wonderful ladies who endure all those bad jokes.

Today is Part Your Hair Crooked Just To See If Anyone Will Say Anything About It Day.

Today is National Chocolate Day. I WILL HAVE SOME TODAY

1636: Harvard University was founded when the Massachusetts General Court voted to spend 400 pounds to establish a college.
1886: The Statue of Liberty, a gift from the people of France, was dedicated in New York Harbor by President Grover Cleveland.
1965: The Gateway Arch was completed in St. Louis. It’s 630 feet high.
1992: Disney released "Beauty and the Beast" on video and sold seven million the first week. By December it was the best selling video of all time.

Jazz singer Cleo Laine is 80
Musician-songwriter Charlie Daniels is 71
Hall of Fame basketball player and coach, winningest coach in NBA history Lenny Wilkens is 70
Actress Jane Alexander is 68
Actor Dennis Franz is 63
Actress Telma Hopkins is 59
Olympic track and field gold medalist Bruce Jenner is 58
Actress Annie Potts is 55
Microsoft chairman Bill Gates is 52
Actor Mark Derwin is 47
Actress Daphne Zuniga is 45
Actress Lauren Holly is 44
Actress Jami Gertz is 42
Actor-comedian Andy Richter is 41
Actress Julia Roberts is 40
Country singer Brad Paisley is 35
Football player Terrell Davis is 35

Saturday, October 27, 2007


The Virginia Cavaliers will be going for the 8th straight victory this afternoon against a very pesky NC State Wolfpack team which knocked off East Carolina last week. A victory this afternoon would give the Cavaliers a 1 game lead over Virginia Tech in Coastal Division of the ACC. Also this afternoon the Georgia Bulldogs will play the Florida Gators, the Gators must win to keep the BCS championship hopes alive. I have posted some other games of interest to the right. In high school football action last night the Crawford County Eagles picked up a 14-7 win over Marion County, with the win the Eagles improve to 5-4 on the season, also the JV Eagles won on Thursday as well. I understand that fellow blogger Scott Woodfin was on the chain gang last night. All football games in the Central District were washed out last night. The Richmond Renegades open up there season tonight at the Richmond Coliseum against the Jacksonville Barracudas, the Barracudas are 1-1 and will be playing there 3rd game in as many nights. Greg Biffle captured the pole for this weeks at Atlanta edging Kurt Busch for the top spot, Dale Jarrett qualified 3rd. The World Series also resumes tonight in Denver with the Red Sox with 2-0 series lead, the Rockies must win tonight. My day got of to a good start this morning because Wal-Mart actually had some fresh donuts. It is still raining a bit here in Colonial Heights this morning but it is suppose to clear off later today. MICKEY

I have never taken any exercise except sleeping and resting.
Mark Twain

• Today in Bring Your Jack-O-Lantern to Work Day.
• Today is National Potato Day "I GUESS I WILL EAT SOME FRIES THEN TODAY"
• Today is Boxer Shorts Day.

Misfortune behind you
How do you respond when something doesn't go your way? Do you agonize, complain and bring yourself down by feeling sorry for yourself? Do you make the situation even worse by letting it stop you in your tracks?

A negative experience is no reason for negativity. In fact, a negative experience is all the more reason to remain resolutely positive. The thing to do when you've been knocked down is to get back up. Wallowing in your misfortune makes no sense at all.

Have you had a bad day? Have you had a bad month? Smile. It's over and done with. Move forward. The past does not equal the future unless you allow it. Have you tried your best and failed? Smile. That's history. Look up. Look forward. Set an even more compelling goal and start moving positively toward it.

Just because misfortune affects you doesn't mean it must control you. Get misfortune behind you. Transcend it. Rise above it and move swiftly forward as you surely can.

Actress Nanette Fabray is 87
Baseball Hall-of-Famer and sportscaster Ralph Kiner is 85
Actress Ruby Dee is 83
Actor-comedian John Cleese is 68
Country singer Lee Greenwood is 65
Country singer-musician Jack Daniels is 58
Actor Peter Firth is 54
Actor Robert Picardo is 54
Actor Sean Holland is 39
Actress Sheeri Rappaport is 30
Actress-singer Kelly Osbourne is 23

Thought for Today: "Happiness is a way station between too much and too little." — Channing Pollock, American author and dramatist (1880-1946).

Friday, October 26, 2007


Happy Friday
Glenn got the riddle right yesterday. Louise where were you?


Food Trivia

A very large animal nose.The first word intentionally misspelled. Multi-colored circles. Introduced in 1963.
Froot Loops

Brain Bruiser
A basket contains five apples.
Please divide them to five kids so that each one has an apple and one apple stays in the basket.
Give one apple with the basket to the last child


How do you e-mail a fish?
drop him a line

Brain Bruiser

Two girls are born to the same mother, on the same day, at the same time, in the same month and year and yet they are not twins....How can this be?

Food Trivia Question
Known as "Georgia Ice Cream". Abrasive particles or granules. Firmness of character. Five southern letters.

Why do dentist like potatoes?


The Virginia Tech Hokies controlled the game against Boston College until the final two minutes of the game when they were leading 10-0 before giving up 14 points in the final 2:11 of the game and giving fellow blogger Keith a nice birthday present. BC looked terrible all night and then out of no where the came to life and pulled off the win. The Boston Red Sox beat the Colorado Rockies last night 2-1 in a bit of pitches duel and by doing so now lead the World Series 2-0, the series now will head to Denver. The Colonial Heights Colonials will return home tonight when the Meadowbrook Monarchs come to town, the Monarchs must win to keep there playoff hope alive. Down in Georgia the Crawford County Eagles are aslo at home against Marion County, the Eagle will be trying to break a 4 game losing streak after winning there first 4 games. It looks like we are going to get some more rain today and tomorrow here in CH, there is a 90% chance today and a 80% chance Saturday. The Richmond Renegades ope up there regular season at home Saturday night against Jacksonville. MICKEY

It is very strange that the years teach us patience --- that the shorter our time, the greater our capacity for waiting.
Elizabeth Taylor

• Today is National Mincemeat Day.
• Today is Workaholic Stop and Smell Something Day, a day for workaholics to consider what they might be missing.

Exercise Doing Everyday Chores
Getting needed exercise can be as simple as performing a few household chores regularly.

Here are some suggestions, courtesy of

* Gardening -- Water plants with a watering can instead of a hose, and alternate carrying the can on each arm.
* Sweeping -- Clean not just your driveway, but offer to do your neighbors', as well as the sidewalks.
* Washing your car -- Use a bucket that you have to carry, not a hose.
* Cleaning and re-arranging -- Thoroughly clean out rooms in your home, carefully moving objects to clean every area.
* Walking or bike riding -- Leave the car home, if practical, to get to work or to run an errand.

Actress Shelley Morrison ("Will and Grace") is 71
Actor Bob Hoskins is 65
Actress Jaclyn Smith is 62
TV host Pat Sajak is 61
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., is 60
Musician Bootsy Collins is 56
Actor James Pickens Jr. ("Grey's Anatomy") is 55
Actor D.W. Moffett is 53
Actress Rita Wilson is 51
Actor Dylan McDermott is 46
Singer Natalie Merchant is 44
Country singer Keith Urban is 40
Actor Tom Cavanagh is 39
Olympic silver medal figure skater Sasha Cohen is 23

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Glenn you were close on the riddle but you left out one word. Louise got the riddle and the brain bruiser.


What holds up a solar house?


Food Trivia

Name chosen from the Cincinnati phone book.
Big mustache on the package.
A neat stack instead of chaos.
"Ring" in the middle.


Brain Bruisers

Fingers that can't type
Devotion in the middle
Six letters


Food Trivia Question

A very large animal nose.
The first word intentionally misspelled.
Multi-colored circles.
Introduced in 1963.

Brain Bruisers Question

A basket contains five apples.

Please divide them to five kids so that each one has an apple and one apple stays in the basket.


How do you e-mail a fish?