Monday, August 31, 2009


My life can be measured in hours,
and I serve by being devoured.
If thin, I am quick; if fat, I am
slow. I must always beware that
wind is my foe. What am I?


What can you not see, even though it is always before you?

Why was the pig kicked off the soccer team?

Why is a bad joke like a broken pencil?


Well I went to bed early last night to catch up on some sleep but that didn't work out. I think I woke about 6 times during the night. It seemed like I would sleep an hour wake up for about 30 minutes and sleep another hour. I really haven't slept well for about a week now. Well I did get Dusty's entry to the pick-em last night, now I am just waiting on Murph's entry. It's a cool 67 degrees this morning this morning here in CH and if you think thats cold wait until tomorrow morning when it's 57, I am going to have to get my heavy coat out again because that freezer at work is cold. We also might pick up a bit of light rain today as well. MICKEY

Eat Fruit - fruit is natures candy. Try a new fruit each week or month. There are several to choose from. Fruits will not only satisfy your sweet tooth, they provide essential vitamins and nutrients that fill you up and help control cravings.

When life's problems seem overwhelming, look around and see what other people are coping with. You may consider yourself fortunate. - Ann Landers

Listen and hear: Practice active listening and know the difference between listening and hearing. The ability to listen and hear show others that you care about them and it also allow you to better understand situations and ultimately make better decisions. Focus your attention on what the other person is saying instead of formulating your response to what is being said. People appreciate when they feel like they are being heard, and it is the perfect way to start building a relationship.

Daniel Schorr Broadcast journalist 93
Frank Robinson Baseball Hall of Famer 74
Warren Berlinger Actor 72
Jerry Allison Rock musician (Buddy Holly and the Crickets) 70
Jack Thompson Actor 69
Van Morrison Rock singer, musician 64
Itzhak Perlman Violinist 64
Tom Coughlin Football coach 63
Rudolf Schenker Rock musician (The Scorpions) 61
Richard Gere Actor 60
Gina Schock Rock musician (The Go-Gos) 52
Tony DeFranco Singer 50
Larry Waddell R&B musician (Mint Condition) 46
Jaime P. Gomez Actor 44
Jeff Russo Rock musician (Tonic) 40
Deborah Gibson Singer, actress 39
Zack Ward Actor 39
Chris Tucker Actor 37
Sara Ramirez Actress ("Grey's Anatomy") 34
Tamara R&B singer (Trina & Tamara) 32
Larry Fitzgerald Football player 26

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Well the Mickey's Place College Football Pick-Em Contest starts this Thursday night and so far I only have half the entries in for the 1st week. The deadline is Wednesday night but you can send your entry in before that so i can send everybody a list by Thursday of who everybody picked. I do understand that several people are still studying this weeks games because they don't want to be in the cellar after the 1st week, the games this weeks probably are going to be the easiest to pick all year. It is going to feel a bit like Fall both Monday and Tuesday with highs in the low to mid 70's and lows around 60 which means football season just around the corner. I didn't sleep well last night so I am a bit groggy this morning. MICKEY

Procrastinate - When your craving hits tell yourself you will satisfy your sweet tooth after 5 to 30 minutes. When the time passes, try delaying it another 5 to 30 minutes. You'll find that most cravings will vanish after about 20 minutes. Make it a game to see how long you can go without eating sweets.

Pay the price
When you're ready to pay the price, only then can you truly enjoy and appreciate the benefits. If you get the reward without making the effort, it might look good, it might feel good, it might seem good. But it won't do you much good. It won't teach you or compel you to grow stronger as a person.

Have you ever played on a sports team that won a game by forfeit, because the other team did not show up? It's an empty victory. Sure, it goes in the win column, but it feels more like a defeat. After all, even though the goal is to win, the whole point is to play the game.

Is the point of life to collect trophies? The trophies have value only when they represent the effort you have made and the person you have become. Seeking to obtain the rewards of life without paying the price is like buying someone else's trophies at a garage sale. They may look impressive on your shelf but they bring no fulfillment and have no meaning.

Which would you rather have -- the fruit or the tree? The fruit is gone after you eat it once. But the tree continues to provide fruit, season after season. The fruits of success are a poor substitute for actually living a life that brings success. Don't just grab the fruit and run. Take the time to plant and nurture the tree by paying the price and making the effort. Then you'll have all the fruit you could possibly need.

-- Ralph Marston

Kitty Wells Country singer 90
Bill Daily Actor ("I Dream of Jeannie," "The Bob Newhart Show") 82
Warren Buffett Billionaire, Berkshire Hathaway chairman, CEO 79
Elizabeth Ashley Actress 70
Ben Jones Actor 68
R. Crumb Cartoonist ("Fritz the Cat") 66
Jean-Claude Killy Skier 66
Peggy Lipton Actress ("The Mod Squad") 62
Lewis Black Comedian ("The Daily Show") 61
Timothy Bottoms Actor 58
Robert Parish Basketball Hall of Famer 56
David Paymer Actor 55
Gerald Albright Jazz saxophonist 52
Michael Chiklis Actor ("The Shield") 46
Robert Clivilles Music producer 45
Michael Michele Actress 43
Geoff Firebaugh Country musician 41
Sherrie Austin Country singer 38
Cameron Diaz Actress 37
Lisa Ling TV personality 36
Rich Cronin Singer (LFO) 34
Shaun Alexander Football player 32
Andy Roddick Tennis player 27
Cameron Finley Actor 22

Saturday, August 29, 2009


The Crawford County Eagles had a tough night last night falling to the Taylor County Vikings 19-6. Scott said the game was tie 6-6 at the half and Crawford County played very poorly last night. I tried to go see the Colonials scrimmage last night but lightning and rain caused the scrimmage to be cancelled, it was a three way scrimmage with Nottoway and George Wythe. The Colonials will open up there season next Friday night at home against Thomas Jefferson. Down at the beach First Flight improved 2-0 with a 40-14 win over the Camden Bruins, next up for the Nighthawks are there arch rivals the Manteo Redskins next week in KDH. Next week at this time I will be getting ready to head down to Greenville, NC to see the East Carolina Pirates face the Appalachian State Mountaineers. Well I didn't win the lottery last night so I guess I will be heading back to work on Monday, by the way there were 2 winning tickets. I went down to Wal-Mart this morning and I am sorry to say the didn't have any donuts ready which didn't make me to happy, I have to say that Dunkin Donuts has now surpassed Wal-Mart for my favorite donuts. MICKEY


Cool-Down: For two to five minutes, it is good to slow down and let your body return to normal after your cardio workout. This will help prevent blood pooling in your extremities, lightheadedness and/or fainting after a workout. Again, add in some static stretches to keep your body limber and flexible. It will also help decrease lactic acid build-up which can lead to sore muscles!

Adjustable dumbbells. Adjustable dumbbells are one of the best investments you can make in your home gym. One set of adjustable dumbbells can replace an entire set of separate, stand-alone dumbbells. With adjustables you get the benefit of a wide range of weight exercises while saving space and money. They also make a great gift for those who weight train.

Richard Attenborough Actor, director 86
David Pryor Former U.S. senator, D-Ark. 75
William Friedkin Director 74
Sen. John McCain 73
Elliott Gould Actor 71
Robert Rubin Former treasury secretary 71
Joel Schumacher Director 70
Robin Leach TV host ("Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous") 68
G.W. Bailey Actor 65
Ray Wise Actor 62
Deborah Van Valkenburgh Actress 57
Mark Morris Choreographer 53
Dan Truman Country musician (Diamond Rio) 53
Rebecca DeMornay Actress 50
Me'Shell NdegeOcello R&B singer 40
Carl Martin R&B singer (Shai) 39
Carla Gugino Actress 38
Kyle Cook Rock musician (Matchbox Twenty) 34
Roy Oswalt MLB pitcher 32
John Hensley Actor 32
Aaron Rowand Baseball player 32
Jennifer Landon Actress 26
Jeffrey Licon Actor 24

Friday, August 28, 2009

go eagles!!!

here is this years football pic. as you can see he already has his game face on.


What is wrong with the bloggers because no one guessed again.

Everyone had a good weekend and put on your thinking caps on so you will be able to answer the questions?

Brain Bruiser

I am used to bat with, yet I never
get a hit. I am near a ball,
yet it is never thrown.
What am I?



What name do you call a man down in a hole?


What did the baby corn say to the mama corn?

where's pop corn



Brain Bruiser

My life can be measured in hours,
and I serve by being devoured.
If thin, I am quick; if fat, I am
slow. I must always beware that
wind is my foe. What am I?


What can you not see, even though it is always before you?
Why was the pig kicked off the soccer team?

Why is a bad joke like a broken pencil?


What else can I say but it's my favorite day of the week Friday. The Crawford County Eagles will open up there season tonight against the Taylor County Vikings at home, the Vikings are Taylor County are rivals and supposedly ready this year for the Eagles. The Colonial Heights football team will have it's final scrimmage of the season tonight at home against Nottoway, the Colonials will open up there season next Friday night at home. Down at the beach both First Flight and Manteo played last night because the threat of Tropical Storm Danny tonight. The only score that was reported down there was the Manteo score, Manteo beat Cape Hatteras 76-0, Hatteras plays at First Flight next week. Don't forget to play the lottery tonight it's worth $325 million, I got my winning ticket last night. There is no Sprint Cup race this weekend, the series off. MICKEY

Strength Training: Nutritionally, it is best to weight train first. When you exercise, you first use carbohydrates for energy. Then, you use fat for energy. When you strength train, the preferred source of energy for your body is carbohydrates. When you do cardio, your preferred source of energy is fat (this is why they talk about burning fat when you do cardio). Further, it can take up to 29 minutes of cardio activity to burn your carbohydrate stores, meaning that if you start with a 30 minute cardio session, you have only burned carbs, and then burned fat for only one minute. Using up your carbohydrate stores with strength training allows you to burn more fat when you do your cardio workout, making your workout much more effective. Now, from a more practical standpoint, strength training before cardio is safer. You haven’t depleted yourself of all of your energy, allowing you to be more focused and aware of your form while strength training. This will help minimize risk of injury. Also, it is good practice to stretch your muscles in between your sets.

In your favor
When the doubts come, see them, feel them, laugh at them and let them go. You can do it and you know it.

Just a little positive action will get your confidence starting to roll. Go ahead and take that first small step.

A successful attitude is as close as your next thought. Imagine in detail what success means to you right now, and just as suddenly, you are on your way.

Smile at each challenge, because you see its value. Know that every setback makes the achievement more solidly yours.

Circumstances work in your favor when you think and work in your favor. Events unfold to support and fulfill your most sincere and intense expectations.

Whatever happens is another step in the right direction. For you will find a way to make it so.

-- Ralph Marston
Read more:

Billy Grammer Country singer 84
Ben Gazzara Actor 79
Sonny Shroyer Actor 74
William Cohen Former defense secretary 69
Ken Jenkins Actor ("Scrubs") 69
David Soul Actor ("Starsky and Hutch") 66
Lou Piniella MLB Manager 66
Debra Mooney Actress 62
Alice Playten Actress 62
Wayne Osmond Singer (The Osmonds) 58
Daniel Stern Actor 52
Scott Hamilton Figure skater 51
John Allen Nelson Actor 50
Emma Samms Actress 49
Jennifer Coolidge Actress 48
David Fincher Director 47
Amanda Tapping Actress 44
Shania Twain Country singer 44
Billy Boyd Actor ("Lord of the Rings" films) 41
Jason Priestley Actor ("Beverly Hills 90210) 40
Jack Black Actor 40
J. August Richards Actor ("Angel") 36
Carly Pope Actress 29
LeAnn Rimes Country singer 27
Michael Galeota Actor 25
Jake Owen Country singer 25
Armie Hammer Actor 23
Kyle Massey Actor ("Cory in the House") 18

Thursday, August 27, 2009


No one got any of the quesions so I am going to use them again


Brain Bruiser

I am used to bat with, yet I never
get a hit. I am near a ball,
yet it is never thrown.
What am I?


What name do you call a man down in a hole?

What did the baby corn say to the mama corn?


After working in the warehouse the last 2 days I am sore all over. I don't remember lifting anything the last 2 days that I haven't lifted before but I am hurting all over. Yesterday was an extremely long day in the warehouse. It looks like we might get a little rain from TS Danny here in CH tomorrow and Saturday morning, down at the beach it looks like the are going to pick up a little more. The National Weather Service doesn't think there will be any excessive rain amounts on the OBX with this storm on it current track. Don't forgot that the lottery tomorrow night is worth an estimated $325 million, if you don't play you can't win. MICKEY

Be of good cheer: Positive magnetism brings positive results. No matter how often you fall down, don't ever think of yourself as a failure. Say rather, "I haven't yet succeeded."

Warm Up and Stretching: This warms up your body by increasing blood flow to the muscles that you will be working, warming up your joints and increasing your heart rate and body temperature…all helping to prevent injury, improve flexibility and prepare your body for the exercises to come. First do your warm-up and then stretch the muscles you used, using static stretches (no bouncing!).

Don't give up. Everyone struggles with staying motivated and reaching their goals. Remember that it often takes several attempts to achieve a realistic goal. As an example, the American Lung Association says that the average person who quits smoking tries at least six times before successfully quitting for good.

Jimmy C. Newman Country singer 82
J.D. Crowe Bluegrass singer, musician 72
Tommy Sands Actor 72
Daryl Dragon Musician (The Captain and Tennille) 67
Bob Kerrey Former U.S. senator, D-Neb. 66
Tuesday Weld Actress 66
Marianne Sagebrecht Actress 64
Barbara Bach Actress 62
Jeff Cook Country musician (Alabama) 60
Paul Reubens Actor ("Pee-Wee's Playhouse") 57
Willy DeVille Rock singer 56
Alex Lifeson Rock musician (Rush) 56
Diana Scarwid Actress 54
Jeffrey Steele Country singer 48
Yolanda Adams Gospel singer 47
Matthew Basford Country musician (Yankee Grey) 47
Dean Devlin Writer, producer 47
Mike Johnson Rock musician 44
Colt Ford Country singer 40
Chandra Wilson Actress ("Grey's Anatomy") 40
Jim Thome Baseball player 39
Sarah Chalke ("Scrubs")Actress 33
RonReaco Lee Actor 33
Carlos Moya Tennis player 33
Mase Rapper 32
Aaron Paul Actor 30
Mario R&B singer 23
Alexa Vega Actress ("Spy Kids" films) 21

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Well I will apologize to Bobby because he got both of the riddles on Monday but I only gave him credit for one. Sorry Bobby.

Bobby got the brain bruiser and one of the riddles yesterday. I hope I got it right this time.


Brain Bruiser

My life is often
a container of woe,
My leaves require assistance
to turn just so.
Hard is my spine
and my insides are pale,
Yet I'm always ready to tell a good tale.
What am I?



What is taken before you get it?


What do videos do on their days off?

they unwind

Brain Bruiser
I am used to bat with, yet I never
get a hit. I am near a ball,
yet it is never thrown.
What am I?
What name do you call a man down in a hole?
What did the baby corn say to the mama corn?


It was a very long day at work yesterday because I was in the warehouse all day long, actually I did get out of the warehouse for about 45 minutes yesterday morning when I did go pick up some produce. Well the picks have been sent out for week 1 of our college football pick-em contest and Julianne has already sent her's back in, Lee I think she means business. I understand Scott has been working out in the gym for a while now getting ready for this Friday night home opener, Scott keeps the chains at the Crawford County home games and is ready for all the running that is going to have to do to keep up with all those young players. MICKEY

Energy and Sickness: Having a healthy level of body fat is important in warding off illness or chronic fatigue. Further, energy levels can be disrupted or lowered as a result of too low body fat.

Give Mashed Potatoes a Healthy Twist
Mashed potatoes are the ultimate comfort food. To make your potatoes healthier, try using equal amounts of potato and another mashable vegetable, like cauliflower or turnips. Not only is this reducing the calorie content, but you’re also adding extra nutrients to your plate. To add even more flavor, replace butter and whole milk with a small amount of tahini and some fat-free yogurt.

The top five highest high school graduation rates by U.S. states:
1. New Jersey
2. North Dakota
3. Iowa
4. Vermont
5. Wisconsin

Francine York Actress 73
Ben Bradlee Former Washington Post executive editor 88
Ben J. Wattenberg Author 76
Tom Heinsohn Basketball Hall of Famer 75
Geraldine Ferraro Former Democratic vice presidential candidate 74
Vic Dana Singer 67
Tom Ridge Former director of homeland security 64
Valerie Simpson R&B singer (Ashford and Simpson) 63
Bob Cowsill Singer (The Cowsills) 60
Brett Cullen Actor 53
Branford Marsalis Musician 49
Jimmy Olander Country musician (Diamond Rio) 48
Chris Burke Actor ("Life Goes On") 44
Dan Vickrey Rock musician (Counting Crows) 43
Riley Weston Actress, writer 43
Adrian Young Rock musician (No Doubt) 40
Melissa McCarthy Actress ("Gilmore Girls") 39
Thalia Singer, actress 38
Jamal Lewis Football player 30
Macaulay Culkin Actor ("Home Alone") 29
Chris Pine Actor 29
Cassie R&B singer 23
Keke Palmer Actress 16

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Yeah Melanie you got the brain bruiser question. Bobby got one of the riddles right and it wasn't the baseball one.

Brain Bruisers

Linda was making peach jam.
She put all the peaches in the pot
and began to cook them.
Then she remembered she had
to add one cup of sugar for every
two peaches. How did she figure
out how much sugar to add?
She counted the pits


What is the best mountain to climb to get a good nights sleep?
Mt Everest

Why is a umpire like a telemarketer?

He was always making calls


Brain Bruiser

My life is often
a container of woe,
My leaves require assistance
to turn just so.
Hard is my spine
and my insides are pale,
Yet I'm always ready to tell a good tale.
What am I?


What is taken before you get it?

What do videos do on their days off?


Well today is former blogger Glenn's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GLENN. I think he still reads the blog from time time but I think he has lost his password to make a comment, I heard he said he is in his late 40's but the information that obtained says he is in his late 50's. I will be sending out the games tonight for the 1st week of our college football contest, the picks will be have to be back in by next Wed night. Well I slept a little better last night but still didn't sleep as well as I would like. Yesterday at work I went out on the truck again, went to Ashland and even up to Bowling Green for 1 stop. It is a very cool 67 degrees here in CH this morning on it's way to the upper 80's later today, it wont be long until Fall arrives. MICKEY

Cell Structure, Beauty and Aging: Fat is part of the structure of our cells. It is also crucial in maintaining skin, hair and nail health. Further, although I'm the first to admit that having lean, toned muscles is beautiful, having NO softness to those muscles can be just as unattractive as flabby arms. A healthy body fat will keep you from looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger during his body building era.

A Breakfast of Champions
Instead of the average 450-calorie cream-cheese bagel, I have a Thomas’ English muffin with two tablespoons of fat-free cream cheese for a similar taste that saves about 300 calories.

Goldfish lose their color if they are kept in a dim light or are placed in a body of running water, such as a stream. They remain gold when kept in a pond or in a bowl with adequate illumination.

Monty Hall Game show host ("Let's Make a Deal") 88
Sean Connery Actor 79
Page Johnson Actor 79
Regis Philbin Talk show host ("Live With Regis and Kelly") 78
Wayne Shorter Jazz saxophonist 76
Tom Skerritt Actor ("Picket Fences") 76
Hugh Hudson Director 73
David Canary Actor 71
John Badham Director 70
Marshall Brickman Filmmaker 68
Walter Williams R&B singer (The O'Jays) 67
Anthony Heald Actor 65
Rollie Fingers Baseball Hall of Famer 63
Danny Smythe Rock musician (The Box Tops) 61
Henry Paul Country singer, musician (Outlaws, Blackhawk) 60
John Savage Actor 60
Gene Simmons Rock musician (Kiss) 60
Rob Halford Rock singer (Judas Priest) 58
Glenn Carsley Honeywell employee 5?
Geoff Downes Rock musician (Asia) 57
Tim Burton Director 51
Christian LeBlanc Actor ("The Young and the Restless") 51
Billy Ray Cyrus Country singer 48
Ally Walker Actress 48
Joanne Whalley Actress 48
Vivian Campbell Rock musician (Def Leppard) 47
Blair Underwood Actor 45
Albert Belle Baseball player 43
Robert Maschio Actor ("Scrubs") 43
David Alan Basche Actor 41
Rachael Ray TV chef 41
Cameron Mathison Actor ("All My Children") 40
Robert Horry Basketball player 39
Jo Dee Messina Country singer 39
Claudia Schiffer Model 39
Brice Long Country singer 38
Marvin Harrison Football player 37
Eric Millegan Actor ("Bones") 35
Jonathan Togo Actor ("CSI: Miami") 32
Kel Mitchell Actor 31
Rachel Bilson Actress ("The O.C.") 28
Blake Lively ("Gossip Girl") Actress 22
Josh Flitter Actor ("License to Wed," "Nancy Drew") 15

Monday, August 24, 2009


Louise got the brain bruiser and one of the riddles right on Friday. Way to go Louise.

Brain Bruiser

A doctor gives you three pills telling you to take one every half hour. How long would the pills last?

one hour


Which is richer, a bull or a cow?
A bull. The cow gives you milk; the bull charges you

Where do little dogs sleep when they do camping?
a pup tent

Brain Bruisers
Linda was making peach jam.
She put all the peaches in the pot
and began to cook them.
Then she remembered she had
to add one cup of sugar for every
two peaches. How did she figure
out how much sugar to add?
What is the best mountain to climb to get a good nights sleep?
Why is a umpire like a telemarketer?