Sunday, July 31, 2011


David Ragan captured the pole position for today's running of the Brickyard 400, Ragan edged Kasey Kahne for the top spot and Dale Jr. qualified 22nd.  Last night at IRP Ricky Stenhouse Jr. lead 189 of the 200 laps but did not win the race, Brad Keselowski pushed him out of the way in he final laps and held him off on a couple of late restarts to pick up the win. Keselowski didn't do anything wrong in picking up the win, if anything he taught Stenhouse a lesson about how to win a short track race. My nagging injuries have continued to mount this past week, I now have 4 things that are bothering me: 1. I have sore left heel 2. I have cut on left thumb 3. I am still having ear trouble with my right ear 4. I have a very sore chest, it seems I pulled something at work earlier in the week and aggravated it a bit more on Friday and it is very sore. It looks like today is going to be the coolest weather day we have had in quite a while with temp struggling to make it to the 90 degree mark, however after today it is going to be in the mid 90's the rest of the week. MICKEY

Not using a scale
Looking at your body weight reinforces weight-loss goals and makes it difficult to cheat your diet. When University of Minnesota researchers observed dieters who weighed themselves daily, they discovered that the routine of stepping on a scale helped those people lose twice as much weight as those who weighed themselves less frequently. Avoid being thrown of by natural fluctuations in body weight by stepping onto the scale at the same time every day.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Well today is part time blogger Donna Goulder's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONNA.  I don't know if she really reads the blog anymore but I thought I would wish here HAPPY BIRTHDAY anyway.  Well I made my weekly trip to Wal-Mart again this morning without any problems and I was glad to see they were not cleaning the main isles at 6am this morning, maybe they listened to what I had to say a couple of weeks ago.  I even went over to Dunkin Donuts in Hopewell this morning and the donuts seemed extra good this morning.  The will qualify for the Brickyard 400 this afternoon at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, I think that this race will come down to fuel mileage and I am also predicting Juan Pablo Montoya is going to have a good run.  I am still looking for two more people for this years college football pick-em contest, so far I have 18 people but would like to get to 20.  It wont be to long before football season starts.  MICKEY

If you quit on your dreams, if you fail to prepare for the next step, even though that next step might be unknown, if one fails to believe in themselves, if one allows themselves to be out-prepared by the competition, then failure is not only likely, it is inevitable. Jim Ross, Wrestling Announcer

Friday, July 29, 2011


Well it seems like we have more 100 degree weather days than normal that's for sure and it appears that we are going to have one more today.  It seems like a broken record as the weatherman says today's high is going to be around 100, well after today it won't reach the 100 degree mark the next  days however it will be in the mid 90's.  The weeks Nascar Sprint Cup race is at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and speedway officials have already said that ticket sales are well behind last years sluggish sale which will really make it look like nobody is at the spacious track.  In a move to bolster the tracks attendance next year they are going to run the Nationwide race at the Indianapolis Speedway instead of at IRP.  It appears that since the 1st two races when the race was a novelty that's tracks attendance has been declining each year ever since.  MICKEY

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Amid an ongoing scandal at the University of North Carolina Butch Davis has been fired as football coach just as  practice is suppose to start.  The fact that he got fired doesn't surprise many people but the timing of the firing has allot of people shaking there heads.  Just last week he represented UNC at the ACC football preview of the upcoming season.  It is hard to believe with all of the ongoing investigations into wrong doing with the program which has been going on for months that they found something in the last few days which lead to his dismissal.  The allegations of wrong doing have been going for about 2 years and the timing of this firing is just strange.  MICKEY

Lemon dish soap and Listerine repel mosquitoes
Fiction: This myth has been widely circulated around the Internet. According to the Florida Medical Entomology Lab at the University of Florida, these household products do not work to thwart mosquitoes. One of the most effective repellents is DEET. The Centers for Disease Control also recommends repellents with Picaridin and oil of lemon eucalyptus.

If you use a product containing DEET, read the label and do not over-apply. DEET is a powerful chemical that can be harmful if used incorrectly. Make sure the repellent has an EPA-approved label and registration number. Use caution with small children and stick with a formulation that is made for kids.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Somehow I have injured my left and my left heel and I really don't know how I did it.  At times of the day neither one of them bother me but then at times both of them really start flaring up.  I am thinking that I injured them playing with Mozart on the floor but I am not really sure.  It was a still a bit hot here in CH yesterday but the humidity had really dropped off yesterday which made it much more bearable, however it will be in the upper 90's starting tomorrow.   MICKEY

Eating too late
Your body can burn flab while you sleep, but only if it isn't too busy processing a full stomach. A new study in the journal Obesity looked at the sleeping and eating habits of 52 people over seven days, and it found that those who ate after 8 p.m. took in the most daily calories and had the highest BMIs.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Well the NFL lockout of it's players now over after the NFLPA agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement which will last for 10 years.  The owners had already passed the agreement so we are now ready for NFL football again.  I don't know if you saw this prayer from Saturday nights Nationwide race at Nashville or not but I thought it was pretty funny.  MICKEY

Taking big bites
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people who took large bites of food consumed 52 percent more calories in one sitting than those who took small bites and chewed longer. By cutting food into smaller pieces, you can increase satiety and enjoy your food more thoroughly. A good general rule? The smaller your bites, the thinner your waistline.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Well this years college football pick-em contest is starting to take shape.  We have 16 of last years 17 contestants returning for another year, Scottie has decided that he doesn't want to play in this years contest.  I have already picked up 1 new player and I am looking for a few more if anybody knows anybody who may want to play in the contest.  We did get some rain last night here in CH with a pretty decent t-storm, there is about a 50% chance that we will get some more t-storms this afternoon.  Have a good day, MICKEY

Sunday, July 24, 2011


It was a very hot one here at the beach yesterday which made for some very tough running.  My morning run wasn't to bad I got 4 miles in but in the afternoon it was everything I could do to get 2 miles in.  Last night we went down to the Jolly Roger and I got the prime rib which was very good.  It is still pretty warm here this morning bu it doesn't appear to be as quite as hot as yesterday.  Carl Edwards won last nights Nationwide race at Nashville, it seems like that Edwards and Kyle Busch win every Nationwide race.  Next week the Sprint Cup Series will head to Indianapolis.  Also it has now been confirmed that fellow blogger Scott has gone back to school to become a high school football official.  MICKEY

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Well me and dad made it down to the beach last night and it is not any cooler down here in Kill Devil Hills than it is back in Colonial Heights.  It is not suppose to be 100 here today but it is going to be in the mid 90's but humidity is very high here as well.  I am going to go out for a morning run here in a little while and I hope to get in at least 4 miles in, there is a pretty good wind blowing so I might be able to run that far because of the natural cooling effect.  There is no Sprint Cup race this weekend however the Nationwide Series will be at Nashville tonight.  Well the NFL lockout is still on right now, the NFL owners looked like they thought the lockout would be over now but the NFL players so not so fast.  The players said they are just not ready to take a vote just yet and they say there are few more things that need to be worked out before a vote will take place.  MICKEY

Friday, July 22, 2011


Well if you though yesterday was hot it's going to be even hotter today when the temperature climbs to the 102 degree mark and with humidity is going to feel like 115.  I really don't think it matters once the temp hits the 100 degree mark, it is just plain hot.  I understand that fellow blogger Scott maybe going back to school to become a high school football referee, Scott let us know if this rumor is true.  The NFL owners have approved a new CBA agreement but the owners have yet to approve a new agreement.   The players say they are few things they need to work out before the NFLPA decides to vote on a new agreement.  I almost for it's my favorite day of the week Friday.  MICKEY

Eating off larger plates
One study found that when given an option, a whopping 98.6 percent of obese individuals opt for larger plates. Translation: More food, more calories, and more body fat. Keep your portions in check by choosing smaller serving dishes. If need be, you can always go back for seconds.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


The heat will be on the next 3 days with temperatures climbing over the 100 degree mark all three days, today it is suppose to be 101, tomorrow 103 and on Saturday 101 again.  Also the National Weather Service has issued a Excessive Heat Warning until Saturday night at 8pm, with the humidity added in the afternoon it is going to feel like it is between 110-115.  It will cool off a bit Sunday and Monday with temps in the mid 90's.  MICKEY

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Well you better enjoy today's temperature around 95 because after today it is going to be around 100 each through Sunday with a very little chance of rain.  However there appears to be some relief on the way by Tuesday when it will only be in the 80's which will feel much better.  My allergies have been acting up a bit more the last few days as well, there for a few days if felt like they were starting to clear up a bit but they have come back.  I now have confirmed that 14 of the 17 participants in last last years college football contest will return this year, I am giving the other 3 until then end of the month and then I will try to get some new players to join this years contest.  MICKEY

Eating too quickly
If your body has one major flaw, this is it: It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that it’s had enough. A study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that slow eaters took in 66 fewer calories per meal, but compared to their fast-eating peers, they felt like they had eaten more. What’s 66 calories, you ask? If you can do that at every meal, you’ll lose more than 20 pounds a year!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Who would have ever thought that the Pittsburgh Pirates would be in 1st place by themselves on July 19 but that exactly what the Pirates are after beating the Reds last night 2-0.  With the win the Pirates now lead the Cardinals and Brewers by a 1/2 a game and the Reds by 4 games.  Speaking of a team that is playing good baseball the Atlanta Braves won again last night 7-4 and with the Philadelphia's loss are now just 2.5 game behind the Phillies, however the Braves to lead the wildcard race by 5 games over Arizona.  Well today is the beat chance of rain that we will have through Saturday and there is only a 40% chance today.  MICKEY

Drinking soda—even diet!
The average American guzzles nearly a full gallon of soda every week. Why is that so bad? Because a 2005 study found that drinking one to two sodas per day increases your chances of being overweight or obese by nearly 33 percent. And diet soda is no better. When researchers in San Antonio tracked a group of elderly subjects for nearly a decade, they found that compared to nondrinkers, those who drank two or more diet sodas a day watched their waistlines increase five times faster. The researchers theorize that the artificial sweeteners trigger appetite cues, causing you to unconsciously eat more at subsequent meals.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Ryan Newman finished where he started yesterday at New Hampshire winning yesterdays Nascar race holding off his boss Tony Stewart for the win.  It was the 1st time Stewart Hass Racing finished 1-2 in there brief history.  The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series will be off next week before beginning there stretch run for the chase.  We have a new Tropical Storm out in the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Bret formed last night however it is not suppose to threaten the U.S. with the exception of some higher waves.  It does look like the college football contest will continue again this year, so far I have 13 of the 17 players form last year committed to this years contest.  MICKEY

According to Wake Forest researchers, dieters who sleep five hours or less put on 2½ times more belly fat, while those who sleep more than eight hours pack on only slightly less than that. Shoot for an average of six to seven hours of sleep per night—the optimal amount for weight control.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Kyle Busch won yesterdays Nationwide race at New Hampshire and with the win has now 100 race in Nascars top 3 touring series and he is a pretty good bet to pick #101 today.  Ryan Newman will start from the pole today with Tony Stewart starting 2nd, Kyle Busch will start 18th.  Well I sent out a quick poll yesterday just to see how many people would be interested in doing the college football pick-em contest again this year and so far I have nine of last years seventeen players have committed which includes all of out previous champions, hopefully I will hear from a few more people in the next week.  It looks like another heat wave is about to hit Colonial Heights this week starting Tuesday with temps in the mid 90's and a real feel temperature over 100 at least through Saturday which means humidity is going to be up.  Maybe I will head to the beach next weekend.  MICKEY   

Eating "low-fat"
It sounds crazy, but I want you to stop buying foods marketed as low-fat or fat-free. Typically, they save you only a few calories and, in doing so, they replace harmless fats with low-performing carbohydrates that digest quickly—causing a sugar rush and, immediately afterward, rebound hunger. Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that meals that limited carbohydrates to 43 percent were more filling and had a milder effect on blood sugar than meals with 55 percent carbohydrates. That means you’ll store less body fat and be less likely to eat more later.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Well I made my weekly trip down to Wal-Mart this morning and I have to say I wasn't very happy because I couldn't get to some of the items I wanted because of the isles being blocked.  I just don't know why the don't clean the main isles at 6am, there has be another area that they can clean at 6am besides the drink isles.  It seems like that every time I need something that isle of the store is being cleaned.  Also I did notice that the CH Wal-Mart is now in full back to school mode with there sales, there is allot of back to school stuff down there.  I didn't make my trip over to Dunkin Donuts because nobody wanted non except me, everybody else here at the house has decided to cut back on what they have been eating.  Ryan Newman captured the pole for this weekends race at New Hampshire, his teammate and car owner Tony Stewart will join him on the front row.  I am still mulling over whether I am going to do the college football contest again this year, I may take poll and see if everybody wants to do it again this year.  MICKEY

Friday, July 15, 2011


Well I have to say it's my favorite day of the week again, it's Friday.  I am not going to the beach this weekend I am just going to stay around town and relax.  I almost had to put a sweatshirt on this morning going out to get the paper he in CH with temp dropping to 60 overnight.  The Nascar Sprint Cup Series will be at New Hampshire this weekend and don't think Dale Jr. has a shot to win this weekend.  Well the Cincinnati Reds will began there 2nd half of the season tonight home against St. Louis looking to make another push to make this years MLB playoffs, the Reds are 4 games behind the Cardinals entering tonight's game with Milwaukee and Pittsburgh also in front of the Reds.  MICKEY

‎"There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day." - Alexander Woollcott

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I know one thing that going back to work after a vacation has done for me and that is sleep very well all week.  It seems that as soon as my head hits the pillow its time to get back up the next morning.  I think that since it has been so hot and I have been working so hard at work seem to be the leading contributing factors in my good sleep.  We are going to get of a break from the hot weather from the extreme heat we have been having here the next few days with high temps in the mid 80's and lows in the lower 60's and you will notice a big drop in the humidity as well.  MICKEY

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The National League won the Major League All-Star game last night in Arizona 5-1 over the American League and by doing so wrapped up the home field advantage in this MLB playoffs.  The MLB regular season will resume on Thursday after the All-Star break.  My sinuses are continuing to bother me, I think I have tried about 4 different over the counter medicines and none of them have given me much relief.  I guess I am going to have to go to the Dr. soon because nothing seems to be helping me feel any better.  I forgot to mention that Keith came right of vacation and headed down to San Antonio to do some government work, it has been as hot here as it has been down there the last 2 days.  MICKEY

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I have to say yesterday was not a real 1st day back to work with the exception I had a terrible sinus headache for most of the day.  It was extremely busy in the office which made the day go by really fast.  Today is going to be just like yesterday weather-wise it is going to be extremely hot and there is only a 20% chance that we will see some t-storms, there is relief on the way Thursday and Friday however.  They will play the MLB All-Star game tonight in Arizona and since my favorite team is the Reds I would rather see the NL win the game.  I have slept like a rock the last 2 nights since returning from vacation which is very good, I sure didn't feel lie getting out of the bed this morning.  MICKEY

Monday, July 11, 2011


Well I have a feeling today is going to be a very long day at work after being off all of last week.  I sure don't feel like heading back and I wish I had another week off but I don't.  I am trying to figure out what to do with the blog, viewership is way down and participation is at an all time low and with Facebook continuing to grow and other social media sites the future isn't looking good.  It looks like it is going to be a pretty hot here in CH through Wednesday before it cools off a bit Thursday & Friday with the best chance rain being on Wednesday.   MICKEY

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Well after being here at the beach for the better part of the last 10 days I will be heading home later this morning.  The last 10 days seem to fly by pretty quick and a good time and wish I could stay for another week or so but I have to head back to work tomorrow.  I am sure the next 5 days are going to go by pretty slow at work.  Hopefully it wont be to long before I get back down here for a weekend or two.  I think I did a pretty good job of not eating to much until last night when we went to the Jolly Roger, I ordered a 10oz prime rib and the one they gave me looked like about 18oz which I could barely eat and was pretty stuffed when I left there and I guess I am going to have to run a extra couple of miles this morning to burn off this morning.  Kyle Busch dominated lat nights Sprint Cup race at Kentucky and was a very ho hum race to say the least, just not a whole lot of excitement at all.  They had a sellout last night but if they have many more races like that they wont have many more in the future.  Next week the Sprint Cup Series will head to New Hampshire.  MICKEY

Friday, July 08, 2011


Well it was 5 years ago today that Donna & Al were married at Highland Methodist Church, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Al & Donna.  Well I usually am glad when Friday comes around but today I am not because it means my vacation is about to come to an end and I will be heading back to work on Monday.  We got some more rain here on the OBX yesterday afternoon but not know where near as much as we got Wednesday night and it looks like we might get some more today as well. The Nascar Sprint Cup Series will be racing at the Kentucky Speedway for the 1st time tomorrow night, last night Kyle Busch won the truck race there. MICKEY

Thursday, July 07, 2011


Well last night was a very stormy night here on the Outer Banks as several lines of thunder storms cam through the area dropping allot of rain and allot of lighting.  There were several houses and buildings that were struck by lightning and at least 1 lead to a structure fire.  The weather for the next few days is looking a bit bumpy as well with at least a 50% chance of rain each day for the next 3 days.  I understand it was a bit bumpy back in Colonial Heights yesterday as well yesterday afternoon when a line of t-storms came through there as well.  Just in case anybody missed it yesterday on facebook Scott was down in Georgia wresting the alligators yesterday.  MICKEY

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Well me, dad, Keith & Andrew went over to the Outer Banks Daredevils game last night to watch them play the Wilson Tobs in Coastal Plains League Baseball.  I have to say we got our moneys worth in the 6 innings that we where there before the threat of rain sent us home with the Daredevils leading the Tobs 9-2.  We saw a grand slam by the Daredevils and the manager and assistant coach from Wilson ejected in the sane inning by 2 different umpires and I have to say the umps seemed to have a bit of a quick trigger in tossing them out the game.  The Daredevils went on to win the game last night 13-2.  Also me & dad where both injured at the game in two different circumstances, dad was hit by an errant throw which hit him in the ribs by a 6 year old and I injured my left heel exiting the bleachers.  Hopefully I will be back on the beach this afternoon but it is a bit cloudy this morning.  MICKEY

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


The fireworks show in Colonial Heights last night was postponed due to inclement weather and will be held tonight in the Southpak Mall area.  Here at the beach the show went on as planned as the bad weather stayed to the north of Nags Head.  I went back to the beach again yesterday and after the water temps were in the mid 70's on Saturday yesterday they had dipped into the mid 60's, the lifeguard stand had the temp at 60 but it wasn't that cold.  We had some hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner last night but there weren't in lucky dogs for the 1st time that I can remember, however there was a lucky hamburger instead but nobody seems to know who got it.  MICKEY

Monday, July 04, 2011


Well I hope everybody has a happy and safe Independence Day.  If you are in Colonial Heights there will be a fireworks display at Southpark Mall and if you are on the OBX there will be shooting them off at the Nags Head Fishing Pier.  I know one thing I have been doing on vacation and that is eating way to much and I am having to exercise twice a day just to keep the pounds off.  The smoke from the fire on the Dare County mainland had returned a couple of times since Friday night, it is usually bad at night and during the early morning hours.  The ocean has been pretty calm with a water temp in the mid 70's which is almost like bath water but not quite.  Well I guess I better go for I can get ready for my morning run.  MICKEY

Saturday, July 02, 2011



Friday, July 01, 2011


Well today is Maureen's birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAUREEN, not only does she celebrate today but she celebrates the whole month of July as her birthday month.  To celebrate her birthday she is heading to the beach.  Speaking of heading to the beach that's exactly what I am going to do tonight after work, that's right I just have 1 more day to work and I be heading to the beach as well.  There is not a whole lot of anything else going on around here so I am going to head to work.  Mickey

If you come home as happy as you leave, you have had a good vacation. -Unknown

Today's Birthdays: Actress Olivia de Havilland is 95. Actress-dancer Leslie Caron is 80. Actress Jean Marsh is 77. Actor Jamie Farr is 77. Bluesman James Cotton is 76. Actor David Prowse is 76. Cookiemaker Wally Amos is 75. Actress Karen Black is 72. Dancer-choreographer Twyla Tharp is 70. Actress Genevieve Bujold is 69. Gospel singer Andrae Crouch is 69. Rock singer-actress Deborah Harry is 66. Movie-TV producer-director Michael Pressman is 61. Actor Daryl Anderson is 60. Actor Trevor Eve is 60. Actor Terrence Mann is 60. Rock singer Fred Schneider (B-52's) is 60. Pop singer Victor Willis (Village People) is 60. Actor-comedian Dan Aykroyd is 59. Actress Lorna Patterson is 55. Actor Alan Ruck is 55. Rhythm-and-blues singer Evelyn "Champagne" King is 51. Olympic gold medal track star Carl Lewis is 50. Country singer Michelle Wright is 50. Actor Andre Braugher is 49. Actress Pamela Anderson is 44. Rock musician Mark Pirro is 41. Rock musician Franny Griffiths (Space) is 41. Actor Henry Simmons is 41. Hip-hop artist Missy Elliott is 40. Actress Julianne Nicholson is 40. Actress Liv Tyler is 34. Bluegrass musician Adam Haynes (Dailey & Vincent) is 32. Actress Hilarie Burton is 29. Actress Lynsey Bartilson is 28. Actor Evan Ellingson is 23. Actors Andrew and Steven Cavarno are 19.