Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The VCU Rams are now 3-0 after beating Wake Forest last night 90-69 in Winston-Salem, the Rams blew open a 3 point game at the half in the 2nd half by outscoring the Deacs 47-29. With the win the Rams advance to the quarterfinals of the pre-season NIT in New York next week to play yest to be determined opponent. Well I was woke up last night by the Colonial Heights Early Warning Weather Siren when a sever thunderstorm was approaching, when I went to bed there was a tornado watch in effect so I figured we might get a bumpy weather last night. For those of you who don't know about the weather siren it sounds a bit like the old fire siren that use to blow every time we use to have a fire in the city but doesn't last quite as long. We also got a call form the city about the storm as well. MICKEY

Get angry with the person who can make a difference. There's nothing to be gained by becoming angry with the poor soul who is simply caught in the crossfire. This advice is particularly important when you're dealing with people who work in the service industries. Is it the fault of the salesperson that something you need is out of stock? No, but his or her manager could probably fix things.

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things. ~Unknown


Bobby said...

Notice to all Goulders: The traditional Thanksgiving Dinner will take place at 5PM or shortly thereafter at Bopper and Grandma's home on Thanksgiving Day.Christmas lists are expected and appreciated from all Goulders at that time.If you are a Goulder and read this posting,please pass it on to any Goulder who may not read the post. Looking forward to the start of the holiday by your presence at this festive occasion.

Keith said...

Got it

Al said...

i'll pass it along! i heard the siren last night too!

Lee said...

Rams will face Tennessee in the Semifinal game...then hopefully either Villanova or UCLA if they win..Go Rams