Monday, February 28, 2005

It rained all day

Well it rained all day here in Col Hgts and it has finally stopped raining about 8pm. The Outer Banks also got hit pretty hard as the storm moved up the coast. I have inserted a link that has some photos of the overwash in Nags Head. My brother who is NJ said they were expecting a pretty big snow up there from the same storm. It looks like is going to be clear around here tuesday but it still going to be pretty cold. Hopefully we will have baseball practice outside tuesday. MICKEY

Since it's raining I thought I would post a sunny day beach photo

Rainy Monday

It looks like it is going to be a rainy monday here in Col Hgts. It looks like we just missed another winter storm by about a 100 miles which is ok with me. My brother who is NJ my not be as lucky as me it looks like they are going to get alot of snow. At the beach it looks like there is going to be alot beach erosion again with this storm. Well needless to say it looks like baseball practice is either going to be in the gym or in the batting cage if it stops raining by this afternoon. Thats all for now. MICKEY

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Tough night for the Riverdogs

It was another tough night for the Riverdogs last night at the Coliseum as they lost to the Frostbite for the second night in a row 5-3. There chances of making the playoffs are getting shorter by the day. It looks like it is going to rain again sunday night and into monday sometime and thats not good for baseball practice. The rain and the cold just don't mix for a pleasant practice. Well the old man Mark Martin won the Busch Series race last night, we will see what he can do today in the Nextel Cup event. Well that's all for now. MICKEY

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Cool saturday

It was a cool 50 degrees here today, but that was much better than the last two days when it was in the 40's. It has been pretty quite here in Col Hgts today, just relaxing around the house. I am going to see the Riverdogs play tonight, hopefully the outcome will be better than last nights game. Well I am going to run on the treadmill now, by the way the treadmill is now in the shed in the backyard since the remodoling of the downstairs. Talk to everbody later.