Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Uncle Jack? I Don't Know

Could this be Uncle Jack, or somebody at Dusty's graduation getting a little shut eye.

Rainy Morning In CH

It's a rainy morning here in CH, it is suppose to clear up a bit later today though, there is a 40% chance of rain though. We are starting Post 284 practice tonight at Shepherd Stadium, we have around 50 players trying out for the JR and SR Bucs. We probably only have around 20 that could make the SR team though. If there is anybody who reads Mickey's Place and would like to join the blog so they can leave coments just e-mial me and I will send you an invitation. Also if anybody has any old photos or new ones for that matter, send them to me and I will post the on Mickey's Place. MICKEY

Monday, May 30, 2005


Dad want's to know why Scott's the only one wearing shorts to grduation.

Proud To Be An American

Proud To Be American

Memorial Day

I hope everyone has nice and safe Memorial Day and don't forget the meaning of this day. Did anybody watch the race "I mean demo derby" last night? After all the wrecks and 600 miles Jimmy Johnson has to win the race, I sure was rooting B Labonte to win that race. Dale Jr and Brian Vickers sure didn't make any friends out there last night with there actions last night, I just don't know what either of them were thinking. I left the beach early this morning, I wanted to beat the traffic and had a few things aroun here to do. Al, Me Ma Ruth said that you were extremely upset that I said you may have one of her lawn mowers, she said that you don't like being accused of things that you haven't done and you were very upset about it. MICKEY

Sunday, May 29, 2005

It Looks Like It's Going To Be A Nice Day

It looks like it is going to be a nice day here on the OBX. Yesterday the temp got into the low 80's before a t-storm cooled us off a bit in the afternoon, I have enclosed a photo of the sky before the storm below. I have also enclose a photo colloage of Andre and dad below also. Today is a big racing day here in the US with the Indy 500 and the Coke 600, also UVA is playing in the ACC baseball championship in Jacksonville this afternoon against Ga. Tech. If anybody has any old photos or new photos that you want to see on the blog you can e-mail them to me and I will put them on the blog. MICKEY
The sky just before the t-storm saturday
A collage of Andrew and Dad at the beach

Friday, May 27, 2005

About Four Years Ago

It has been about four years since this event took place

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's


Thursday, May 26, 2005

Andrew 2

Andrew In Little League Action

Andrew's team lost tonight by more than 10, he did have couple hits, MICKEY
Andrew 3
Andrew 5
Andrew 5

Colonials Season Comes To An End

The CH Colonials season came to an end wednesday night with a 13-o loss to the Prince George Royals. The Colonials finished the season 12-9 and overall it was a pretty good season. We had some good victories and streaks where we played very well but we had some games were we just got blown. It seemed like when we were playing well we would win by a large margin and we weren't playing well would would lose by the same margin. Hopefully dad will decide to come back for another season because I think we will be better next season. Well CH schools will be out after today for Memorial Day and the weather looks like it will be pretty good for a change this weekend, I hope everbody has a good Memorial Day. MICKEY

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Colonials Lose 13-0 to Prince George

The Colonials never got on track in this one, it just wasn't a good game. The Colonials didn't play well and the Royals played very well. The Colonials finished the season 12-9. MICKEY

It's Not Looking Good For Baseball

It's not looking to good for baseball today, it's 6:30am and it is still raining and it looks like it will rain for a few more hours after looking at radar. I will post information about when and where we might play the tournament if something changes today, there is a chance it could be moved to another location. We have had a our share of rain this season that's for sure, it started eraly in the season and it has continued thru the season. MICKEY

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Who Is That In This Photo?

Anybody know who that is in the picture?

Game Washed Out

Todays game between Colonial Heights and Prince George was rained out and is now set for wednesday at the same time weather permitting. They did have a tarp on the field but the field is still very soft, and the sun is not suppose to come out until late wednesday. MICKEY

Colonial Heights VS Prince George 5pm

The Colonials will play the PG Royals at 5pm in the first round of the central district tournament at the Petersburg Sports Complex, the complex is located next to the Petersburg High School. The weatherman is still calling for rain today and tonight, but right now at 6:30am the sun is out. Yesterday we did get some rain but it wasn't till late, hopefully we will miss most of the rain today. I will have an update on the blog as soon as possible after the game. MICKEY

Monday, May 23, 2005


The Birthday Girl

Weather Not Looking Good

Well the weather doesn't look like it is going to cooperate early this week for baseball. There is 50% chance of rain today, tonight, and tuesday. Todays temp is suppose to be in the low 70's but on tuesday it is only going to be in the mid 60's, and that is cold for this time of year. The weatherman have been wrong before so lets hope there wrong again this time. Yesterday I kept pretty busy, I went out to eat with Me Ma Ruth at lunchtime, and in the evening went to Anna's birthday party-cookout. MICKEY

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Looks Like A Nice Day In The Heights

It looks like it is going to be a nice day here in CH, the sun is out and the temp is suppose to get to around 80. I watched the all-star race last night and the old man Mark Martin won it after half the the field was taken out in a wreck. There was allot of fingerpointing going on after the wreck, but it did look like Stewart got into Nemecheck and he the got into Harvick triggering the big one. E Sadler came in second and I wish he would have won the thing since he is from VA. Don't forget the CH Colonials play in the central district tournament tuesday at 5pm against the PG Royals at the Petersbur Sports Complex. There was another fire yesterday in CH on Wellington Rd, the fire was contained to the bedroom. MICKEY

Saturday, May 21, 2005

CHHS Baseball Team Collage

2005 Baseball Team Collage

Friday, May 20, 2005

Colonials To Play Prince George

The CH Colonials will play the Prince George Royals on tuesday at 5pm in the first round of the central district tournament. The Royals defeated the Colonials in both regular season contests this year. MICKEY

Hopewell 5 Colonial Heights 4

The Hopewell Blue Devils defeated the CH Colonials 5-4 if the final game of the regular season at Hopewell, but the TD Knights defeated the Mataoca Warriors 7-3 so CH and Mataoca finish the regular season tied for third. There will be a coin toss to decide the seedings in the tournament. Andrew Holt and Jonathan Wells hit HR's for the Colonials. The Colonials will either play at 5pm or 7:30pm in the central district tournament at the Petersburg Sports Complex. The JV Colonials won 11-1 yesterday over Hopewell. It looks like it is going to be a stormy day around here but at least it friday. MICKEY

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Colonial Heights At Hopewell 6pm

It's not looking good today for the final game of the regular season, the weatherman is calling for rain. Hopefully we will be able to get it in. The Colonials are at Hopewell at 6pm and the TD Knights are at Mataoca at the same time. The Colonials and the Warriors are both tied for third place in the district. The JV Colonials are home against Hopewell and Andrew also has a little league game tonight also. I have posted the 2005 CHHS Baseball Team Photo Al took a few weeks ago. MICKEY

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Lee In Action Tuesday

Lee in action

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Good Guys (Colonials) 10 Bad Guys (Knights) 1

The CH Colonials deafeated the TD Knights 10-1 in central district action tuesday at TD. It was a very close game until the Colonials broke it open with 7 runs in the top of the 7 inning, the inning was highlighted by a pair of HR's by the Colonials. Kyle Mears hit his 8th of the year and Erik Loftis hit his 6th year. Devon Rose pitched a complete game in getting the victory, and besides the HR Kyle Mears had 6RBI'S. The Colonials have clinched a spot in the central district tournnament with the todays victory. The Colonials next game is at Hopewell on thursday at 6pm. The JV Colonials lost a double header today, not sure on the final scores of those games. MICKEY

Colonial Heights AT Thomas Dale

The Colonials will be at Thomas Dale today for 4:30pm start against the Knights. The Colonials will be trying to secure a playoff spot today in next weeks central district tournament, with a win the Colonials will do that. The JV Colonials have double header today against TD, I think game time is 4pm. Keith is out of town in Detroit so he will not be at TD for todays game. I will update the blog tonight as soon as possible about todays game. MICKEY

Monday, May 16, 2005

A Couple Of Good Photos

I am ready to pitch
Mickey's batting pose

Court Case Continued

The court case that I am involved has been continued until June 15, the subject that was charged in the case has another case that day and the judge wants to do ll the sentencing at one time. The case was suppose to be heard at 10:55 but didn't get started un around noon. Needless to say I am not to happy about having to go back to court again, the next time I may see nothing. MICKEY

A Busy Day Ahead

I have a very busy day ahead of me today in CH. I am going to work for about 2 1/2 hours and then I am going to court in Richmond. I have to be at court at 10:55am for the incident that took place at the coliseum a few months ago, hopefully that won't take to long. After court I am going to go back to work and work the rest of the day, nad then after work we have baseball practice, if the field is not to wet. Andrew is also coming by for a visit later and he is going out to eat with us tonight, and the I am probably going by Me Ma Ruth's tonight for a visit before she starts telling everybody she hasn't seen me in weeks. Have a nice day, MICKEY

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Nascar Photos

Hamilton and Kahne
E Sadler and Leffler
JR and Green
The Victor

A Pretty Quite Weekend

It has been a pretty quite weekend so far here in KDH. I tried to post a couple of racing photos that Al took at RIR but the program here at the beach thatI use is not working correctly. I am sure he will be senting me some more photos today. The phoitos from the races can be found on my webshots page though. I undersatnd that Andrew hit a grand slam last night in Little League action and his team the Astros got the win also. I will be heading back to CH this afternoon and I will post some racing photos then. I haven't heard any comments from anybody lately, is there anybody looking at the blog lately. MICKEY

Friday, May 13, 2005

Mataoca Pounds Colonials 12-2

The Mataoca Warriors pounded CH 12-2 in central district action thursday, CH was never in the game. It seems every time we have game that means something we play about as bad as we can. The Coloinals only had two hits in the game, the only real highlight of the game was a triple by Brett Draper. The Colonials next game is tuesday at Thomas Dale, TD lost to Dinwiddie thursday. The Colonials are now in third place in the district tied with Dinwiddie. I am heading to the beach this weekend either tonight or saturday morning. MICKEY

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Colonials Home Against Mataoca

The CH Colonials will be home tonight with a 6pm matchup with the Mataoca Warriors, the Colonials need a win to remain in second place in which they are tied with Dinwiddie. Both teams are one game behind Prince George and Mataoca is one game behind both Dinwiddie and CH. Thomas Dale plays Dinwiddie today at TD, that game starts at 4:30pm. Also Andrew will be back in LL action friday night at 6pm and saturday at 7:30pm. The JV Colonials will be at Matoaca this afternoon. There is a slight chance of t-storms this afternoon and it is going be in the mid 80's this afternoon. I think Lee has fallen off the board again, haven't heard much from him in a while. MICKEY

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Fire Photos

A couple of fire photos that I got from CH12 website. MICKEY

Three Alarm Fire In CH

There was a three alarm fire in CH today at the corner of Hamilton and the Blvd. The call came in around noon and when units arrived they had heavy fire and smoke showing. The fire was Yongs Hair Salon and the apartments above this business. Fire units from CH, Chesterfield, Petersburg, and FT Lee battles the blaze for hours. The blaze took about two hours to bring under control, and they did a very good job in keeping the fire to spreading to the building next door which was very close two the structure that was on fire. Les was on seen for several with the police deprtment helping with traffic control. No one was seriously injured in the fire, one firfighter suffered a broken finger though. The temp was very warm today here and they were probably lucky that no firefighters suffered heat exhastion with magnitude of the fire. MICKEY

The Braintrust

The braintrust of the Colonials

Colonials Defeat Meadowbrook 8-1

The CH Colonials defeated the Meadowbrook Monarch 8-1 in central district baseball action tuesday in CH. Devin Rose pitched all seven innings for Colonials and sruck out nine Monarch batters and also added a HR for the Colonials. Kyle Mears had 2 HR's and Daniel Denton added three hits for the Colonials. The Colonials play there last home game of the season thursday against the Mataoca Warriors at 6pm. The TD Knights lost to the Prince George Royals 10-0 yesterday and the JV Colonials lost 5-3 at Meadowbrook. The Knights play Dinwiddie at home thursday. The weather has been very nice so far this week and today it suppose to get into the mid 80's, but there is a chance of t-storms the next couple of days. MICKEY

Monday, May 09, 2005

A Tough Day For The Colonials

It was a tough day today for the CH Colonials were defeated by the L.C. Bird Skyhawks 19-7 in a non district game at Shepherd Stadium. The only real highlights for the Colonials were a pair of Hr's by Kyle Mears and Erik Loftis, they both have 5 HR for the season now. The Colonials must regroup an get ready for a central district matchup with Meadowbrook tuesday at 6pm at Shepherd Stadium. The Colonials are in a funk right now and need to come out of it against Meadowbrook. MICKEY

HR Collage

Erik and Kyle both hit 2 HR's in the loss to L.C. Bird

Colonials Back In Action Today

The CH Colonials will be back in action today at 4:30pm at Shepherd Stadium against the L.C. Bird Skyhawks. Today is the first game of three that the Colonials will play in the four days all at home. Tuseday the Colonials will play Meadowbrook at 6pm and on thursday Matoaca comes to CH for a 6pm game. TD will travel to Prince George tuesday and play Dinwiddie thursday. The weather looks like it will be warming up this week but there is a chance of t-storms several days this week. MICKEY

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mothers Day

A Mothers Day Collage

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Some Photos From Yesterdays Coastal Storm On The OBX

this was part of Surfside Dr
beach erosion
beach overwash
a house in trouble
oceanfront property

Friday, May 06, 2005

A Bad Day

It has just been a bad day here in CH. Actually it started last night when we lost to Dinwiddie in extra innings, then I had dream that I had two flat tires on my truck think goodness that was just a dream, then I got up this morning and the internet was out, then it rained all day and was cold for May, and then baseball practice was rained out. Hopefully saturday will be a better day and next will be better for the CH baseball team also. MICKEY

Today Is Joy's Birthday

Happy Birthday Joy

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Colonials Lose A Heartbreaker 4-1

The CH Colonials lost a heartbreaker in the bottom of the ninth inning 4-1 to Dinwiddie on a 3run HR. The Colonials played good defense all night turning several double plays but the bats just didn't come to life. Nathan Anger pitched all 9 inning in the loss. The Colonials will need to rebound next week, we have games on monday, tuesday, and thursday all at home. We need to get back to our winning ways soon. MICKEY

Colonials Back In Action

The CH Colonials will be back in action tonight as we travel to Dinwiddie for a 6pm game with the Generals. Dinwiddie is 1 game behind so it is a pretty big game and we need to play the way we are capable of. The TD Knights are home today against Petersburg. The JV Colonials are home today against Dinwiddie, they lost 11-7 against Prince George on tuesday and Lee took a ball off his chin in that game. Andrew is also in action tonight at 6pm at Ironbridge as his team will play the Marlins. It looks like some rain will be moving into the area tonight, hopefully everybody will be able to get the games in. MICKEY

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

It Was A Nice Day For Baseball

A good crowd showed up for the CH and PG game, hopefully the outcome will be better next game. MICKEY

Another Couple Of Cold Spring Days

I wish the weather would warm up a little more, it should be warmer than the low 60's this time of year, and its been getting down in the upper 40's at night and thats to cold for this time of year. It does look like it is going to get closer to the 80's during the weekend though, I guess on the bright side it hasn't rained out any ball games lately. It was a bad day for both CH Colonails and the TD knights tuesday with the Colonials losing 8-2 to Prince George and TD losing 13-0 to Hopewell, hopefully thursday will be better for both teams, I haven't heard anything about how the JV Colonials did. MICKEY

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Royals Pound Colonials 8-2

I don't there is nothing positive to say about this game. We just didn't show up for the biggest game of the year so far. PG hit 3 HR's and there pitchers kept CH off balance most of the afternoon. When the Colonials had there scoring chances we were just unable to get the job done. The only thing I can say is we just have to put this game behind us and get ready for Dinwiddie thursday night, hopefully we will show for that one. MICKEY

Baseball Update

The CH Colonials have a first place matchup with the PG Royals today at Shepherd Stadium at 4:30pm. The TD Knights play at Hopewell at 5pm, and Lee and the JV Colonials travel to PG. Yesterday the TD Knights lost 14-10 to L.C. Bird in a non didtrict matchup. Andrews Little League team won last night and Andrew went 2-3 and he said he had 2RBI also. Lee is now officially back with us, so I am sure there will be some comments coming from him. MICKEY

Monday, May 02, 2005

Looks Like He Likes Wearing His Colonial Hat

He had the Colonials hat on for more than a few minutes.

Colonials This Week

The CH Colonials have two very big games this week on tuesday and thursday. On tuesday the Colonials have a first place match up with the Prince George Royals at 4:30pm at Shepherd Stadium, both teams are 7-1 in the central district. Then on thursday the Colonials will travel to Dinwiddie for 6pm game, the Generals are tied with Matoaca for third place in the district. The TD Knight play the L.C. Bird Skyhawks this afternoon at TD. Also today Andrew has a Little League game at 6pm at Ironbridge. Well yesterdays race was another wild won with Jeff Gordon coming out on top, I was rooting for anybody but the 24 and the 48 at the end, but it didn't help. Also on wed this week Joy has a birthday, I thin think she might be 20 something? MICKEY

Sunday, May 01, 2005

What's This?

We think he has seen the light and switched teams. MICKEY

Rainy Morning In Va And Nc

I has been a very rainy morning here in CH and it appears to have been the same in KDH. I was looking at some rain gauges on the internet and here in CH and KDH it looks like there was about 0.75 inches of rain in both places since midnight. It looks like the rain is about over here in CH now as the son is just starting to come thru the clouds a bit, however at the beach it still looks cloudy. I think I am going to watch the race today and keep up with the Reds and Braves during the commercial breaks. I am going out to lunch with Me Ma Ruth first though. MICKEY