Sunday, July 31, 2005

Not A Good Beach Day

a cloudy morning
a rainy afternoon
Well needless to say it was not a good beach here in KDH. At first it was just cloudy but by afternoon the rains came pretty good. The finished putting up the new storm windows tooday just before it strted to rain. I did run outside this morning over at FFHS and yes I did get rained on a bit. We went to the Dunes for lunch and got the lunch buffet and might say it was pretty good. Also the Jr Bucs lost a tough won yeterday to Tunstall losing 10-9, the Bucs were up 7-1 but Tunstall got nine runs in one inning and held on for a 10-9 victory over the Jr Bucs. Well needless to say the Jr Bucs had a very good season. MICKEY

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Does Anybody Know This Masked Man?

Does anybody know who this conehead is?

Mickey Has Made It To The Beach

I have made it to KDH, I left CH around 5:30am this morning and it rained most of the way down here. It has stopped raining now and the sun is starting to break thru the clouds and the temp is around 80 and it is a bit humid. I will be here in KDH all week and I will be coming next sunday. Les, I did drive my Victory Red truck down here and it resting the rest of the week. The Jr Bucs won again yestersay defeating Albermarle 11-6 in 12 innings and advanced to the semifinals today at 5pm in Lynchburg, I don't know who the play today. MICKEY

Guess Who's Birthday It Is?

Happy Birthday Donna

Friday, July 29, 2005

Mickey Getting Ready For Vacation And Jr Bucs Win Again

Well I am getting ready to go on vacation next week so starting saturday all my blog entries will be madefrom KDH. Hopefully I will get some new photos to post from KDH and maybe of a sunrise or sunset or something else. I am ready to go on vacation I just need a nice break away from things here in CH. We had softball practice again last night and I am a bit sore again this morning, hopefully the soreness will wear off after a few more practices, I am not sore from throwing but swinging the bat. The JR Bucs won again in Lynchburg yesterday 12-5 defeating Brookville in the state JR American Legion Tournament, with the win it guaranteed CH a spot in the semifinals saturday. CH will face Albermarle today at 1pm to deterimine the bracket champion, they are also 2-0. Well I hope everybody has a good friday, MICKEY

Thursday, July 28, 2005

A Photo From A Few Years Ago

Maureen with a cake

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

JR Bucs Win

The Jr Bucs won there first game in the state Jr American Legion Tournament 11-8 over Vinton today in Lychburg. The Bucs will play again thursday night in Lynchburg and then again friday. There are eight teams in the tournament this year. MICKEY

Who Is This, 2nd Photo Might Give It Away

such a happy face
who is this individual

Last Day Of Extreme Heat

It looks like today will be the last day of extreme heat here in CH, after today it looks like it will be in the 90's the rest of the weekend and into early next week. It also looks like there is a pretty good chance of rain over the next few days. We had another softball practice last night and the team seems to be taking pretty good shape, all the rumors everyone has been hearing are true I am coming out of softball retirement to play this fall. It isn't just me that is coming out of retirement to play but also Ricky Toombs, Brian Holt, and Craig Skalak to name a few, it should be interesting. The JR Bucs are playing in the Jr State American Legion Tournament starting today in Lynchburg, if I get there results I will post them here later today or thursday. MICKEY

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Who Is This Youngster

A fine looking fellow

Monday, July 25, 2005

I Don't Think It Was Hot Enough Today

The heat was on today her in CH with temps rising to about 98 this afternoon. It is suppose to be at least 100 the next two days and the hunidity is going to rise also, the say is going to feel like 110-115 and there is a very little chance of rain the next two days. There is a light at the end of tunnel it only suppose to be in the mid 80's this thursday thru sunday. It also was hotter today here in CH than it was in Knoxville, GA again, and that just isn't right. MICKEY

Al With A Pink Cadillac

AL standing beside a pink cadillac. I get the feeling the person who own the cady and the house like pink. MICKEY

Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Heat Is On

It looks like the heat will be on monday thru wed this weeek here in CH. It is only suppose to get to 90 today here in CH, but after today it is going to be hot, the weatherman says 100 monday, 102 tuesday, and wed 98. The heat index will be 105 to 110 all three days, after wed though there will be big drop in temps with high's in the mid to upper 80's. I have eclipsed the 100 mile mark on my truck this weekend so yes I have been driving it. Since our baseball season is over I will be able to watch the race today, hopefully JR will be able to pull closer to the top 10 so he will be able to make the chase. By the way I did see Lee last night so he is still around. MICKEY

Friday, July 22, 2005

Stormy Night At The Beach

It looks like it was a stormy night in KDH. MICKEY

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Dog Days Of Summer

I saw this photo and I thought it was pretty funny, these dogs are on a bus going to doggy day camp. It also reminded me of the dog days of summer in which we are having right now. I just saw on the news that it going be 102 here on monday, and 101 tuesday and that is just plain to hot. There is a new tropical storm in the Atlantic Ocean name Franklin, we will have to keep an eye on that storm. MICKEY

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bucs Season Is Over

The Post 284 Bucs season is over. Due to the outcome of last nights games around the district both the Bucs and Powhatan have been eliminated from the playoffs and therefore tonights game has been cancelled. It was a pretty decent season for the Bucs and it was good to go out with a victory last night. MICKEY

Scott And Traci

Traci and Scott in there early years

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bucs Win A Wild One

The Post 284 Bucs got another victory tuesday night defeating Glen Allen Post 244 13-12 at Hermitage High School. The game ended on a double play in which Jessie Haney caught a screaming line drive and threw to first for the double play. The game had several up and downs and there was a bit of trash talking between the teams. It was a good a win and it also keeps our slim playoff chance alive. The Bucs will finish the regular season wed night at VSU against Powhatan at 7:30pm. MICKEY

Mickey's New Truck

New Truck

Who are these two tough customers

Can anybody claim these two.

Mickey Buys New Truck

Well I have traded my dodge in for a new chevrolet truck, I will be picking up this afternoon and I will post a photo of it here on Mickey's Place. The truck is about the same color as the olds I had use have, victory red is color they list it as. Well is suppose to be very hot again today here in CH, I was looking at the weather in GA and it appears it is going to be warmer here in CH that it going be K-VILLE, hopefully the weather pattern ill change soon and it wil cool of some. It looks like the A-Braves are going to be back on top of the NL EAST by the end of the week, since the Reds are so bad I guess I am going to root for the Braves. MICKEY

Monday, July 18, 2005

Bucs Knock Off Midlothian 6-5

The Post 284 Bucs got another victory tonight beating Post 186 6-5 at VSU. The Bucs scored the winning run on a throwing error by Midlo's catcher which allowed Kyle to score all the way from 1st base. The Bucs travel to Post 244 wed night for a 7:30pm game, the game will be played at Hermitage High School. MICKEY

It's Going To Be Hot And Muggy All Week

It looks like we are going to have the hottest week of the summer this week with temps ranging from 94 to 97 all week and the humidity is going to bery high also here in CH. I think I am ready for the fall now after these last couple of days. I am thinhing about trading my truck in for another but have not decided fore sure yet, as soon as baseball is over with I will decide one way or another. Scott's dad is going to have complete knee replacement surgery this morning on his right knee, he hopes to be released from the medical center by thursday and then he will go to a rehab center for about week before he will be able to come home. Scott dad left some comments on the lucky dog topic he want's you to awnser if you get a chance. It looks like JR has a chance to make the chase if he continues to run the way he has the last few weeks, but he isn't there yet. Have a nice day, MICKEY

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Bucs Lose 2-1

The Bucs lost a tough this afternoon falling 2-1 to Post 144 at Highland Springs High School. It was a good game but we just didn't get a hit when we neeeded it. The Bucs will be back in action monday night at VSU at 6pm against Midlothian Post 186. The Bucs also play tue and wed nights also. MICKEY

Bucs Upset Hopewell

The Post 284 Bucs got a much needed victory tonight upsetting Hopewell 8-0 at VSU. Jeff Shelton pitched a complete game and only gave up 6 hits,and Kyle Mears hit added an HR for the Bucs. The Bucs will be back in action sunday at 4pm against Battlefield Post 144 at Highland Springs High School. MICKEY

Saturday, July 16, 2005

My Day Is Off To A Bad start

Well my day has got off to a bad start, I went down to the W-M and they didn't have any donuts ready. I don't know what the problem is down there, when the guy was at Colonial Donuts on the Blvd he was able to get them ready on time, he always had them ready by 6am. What is the purpose of having donuts if you can't them ready on time, there were several other people down ther complaining also. Then when I was coming back from W-M the check engine light on my truck came on and I don't have clue why its on. Also it is going to be very hot today with heat indexes between 100 and 105, and there is only a 30% chance of rain. The Bucs will be back in action tonight at VSU as we will play Hopewell Post 146 at 8pm, at least we don't play in the heat of the day. Well I am going to cut the grass. MICKEY

Friday, July 15, 2005

Glad It's Friday

I am glad it is friday, I think I need a couple of days off. The weather has been very muggy this week and that looks like it will continue thru the weekend. The Bucs were rained out on thursday even though we could have played, they called the game at 8am and the field was playable by 2pm. They were able to play the Babe Ruth State Tournament in the stadium yesterday, they did have to start a little late but they got all the games in which was amazing to me with all the rain we had wed night. I talked to Scott last night and he said he is off every friday night thru October, he is taking his vacation days on friday thru then. The Bucs do play sometime saturday, I will post tonight exactly when, that seems to be changing about twice a day. MICKEY

Thursday, July 14, 2005

He Is At It Again

It seems every time he cooks on the grill there is a lucky dog. I wonder who got it this time? MICKEY
lucky dog heading back to the grill
lucky dog on grill
there it is
I wonder which one it is
she might have it

Visitor At The Beach

This deer came by for a visit yesterday at the beach.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Lots Of Rain In CH Wed Night

It has been raining pretty hard in CH since around 8pm, we also had some afternoon t-storms also. I would say we picked around a 1 1/2 of rain and we had some pretty sharp lightning also. Our baseball game made it to the top of 4 with the Bucs trailing 4-1 before the rains came, so we will have to play them again. The Babe Ruth State Tournament for 13 year olds was suppose to start thursday at Shpeherd Stadium, it looks like it will at least be pushed back till friday. Well the NHL will be back in October, the only problem is they don't have a national tv contract which will hurt them. If you want to watch the games you will to get NHL Center Ice thru the cable companies. MICKEY

Al And Donna In KDH

Donna dumping Al out of the hammock
Al and Donna

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Another Rough Night For The Bucs

It was another rough night for the Bucs as we fell to West End Post 361 10-0. The Bucs only had three hits in the game and the Bucs had a very short bench, nobody. We only had nine players for the second time in three nights. The Bucs will play at VSU wed against Midlothian Post 186, I don't think it can get any worse. MICKEY

The Woodfins

An old Woodfin family photo.

A Busy Week Starts Tonight

A busy week starts tonight for the Bucs as we will play 5 games in 6 days with our only day being off is friday. Tonight we play at Post 361 at J.R. Tucker, wed we play Mildothian Post 186 at VSU, and thursday we play Powhatan 201 at VSU. I will give an update on the weekend schedule later this week and update the results as we play the games this week. Well it was good to see Jr get a win this weekend in Chicago, maybe he will still make the race for the chase after all. Well the NHL still hasn't reached a deal with it's players yet, it sounded good last week that it might get done, but so far it hasn't. Well there is another tropical storm out there and it seems to be following a path similiar to Dennis the name of the storm is TS Emily and it projected to be a hurricane in a couple of days. Al and Donna are at the beach maybe they will send some photos for the blog from down there. MICKEY

Monday, July 11, 2005

Has Lee Had A Run In With The Law?

There is a rumor going around CH that Lee has had a run in with the law. It occured sometime last week from what I understand and I was told that some illegal fireworks may have been involved. This is only a rumor at this point that I hope someone can clear up hear on the blog

Sunday, July 10, 2005

It Wasn't Pretty

That's about all I can say about tonights Bucs game at Shepherd Stadium. The Bucs only got three hits and commited six errors in a 10-0 loss to Post 175. We played about as bad as we could have , if we play any worse I don't want to be there. The Bucs next game is tuesday at West End Post 361 at J.R. Tucker high school. The Jr Bucs won again today and I understand the have qualified for Jr. State Legion tournament in Lynchburg. I don't know when the tournament starts, we played in it last year and it's very nice stadium that they play it in. MICKEY

Dennis Looks Like It Is Going To Hit Between Mobile And Pensacola

It looks like Hurricane Dennis is heading right towards Mobile, AL. Dennis is a CAT 4 hurricane which is a major hurricane, winds are 145MPH this morning. It looks like Scott might get some the effects of Dennis this afternoon with with some high winds and heavy rain, maybe he will send me a couple of photos from down there later. I have been watching live coverage of the hurricane this morning from two of Mobile's tv stations which have live hurricane coverage. Here in CH today it is suppose to be 96, but it is going to be sunny. MICKEY

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Bucs Drop Another

The Post 284 Bucs dropped another game saturday night falling 11-8 to Ashland Post 206. The Bucs are now 5-10 and play Post 175 at Shepherd Stadium at 6:30pm sunday. Next week will be a busy one for the Bucs as we will play 5 games in six days starting tuesday and the only night that we don't play is on friday. MICKEY

Day Off To A Good Start

Well my day got of to a good start this morning when Wal-Mart finally had the donuts ready on time. The last three saturdays that I had been in there they weren't ready and needless to say I wasn't very happy about it. I watched the A-Braves on TV last night and it seems that they are playing some pretty good baseball, with the rookies that they have on the team there future looks pretty bright. The Bucs will be back in action tonight at Shephers Stadium at 7:30pm against Ashland Post 206 if anyone is interested in coming. Hurrincane Dennis appears to be heading towards the SE US, hoefully it won't strengthen to much before landfall but it does appear to be gaining strenghth since the eye has gone back into the Gulf Of Mexico. Today here in CH it is going to be sunny in the low 90's. MICKEY

Friday, July 08, 2005

A Photo Taken On 7-8-05

A photo I took this afternoon as the sky's cleared.

The Drivers At The Dirt Track

Mickey and Scott posing for a photo at the track.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bucs Game Washed Out

The Bucs game tonight was washed out and will be made up next week sometime. It looked like we might get it in for a while but is started raining pretty hard around 7pm and it has rained very hard since then. The Bucs next game will be saturday at home against Ashland Post 206 at 7:30pm. MICKEY

TS Cindy

The remains of TS Cindy are suppose to pass over the CH are today, the NWS has issued a flood watch for today and tonight. They are calling from anywhere from 2-5 inches of rain today and overnight. We could use some rain but I don't know I we need that much. The Bucs are suppose to play tonight at Shepherd Stadium at 7:30pm but it'ot looking good for base today. Also Hurrincane Dennis is getting stronger and threaten the US by this weekend. MICKEY

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Washington Has Never Been The Same Since There Visit

Al and Keith take Washington

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Bucs Lose Another One

The Bucs were beaten again tonight at Post 137 losing 6-1. The score was 2-1 going into the bottom of the six when post 137 picked up six insurance runs. The Bucs only had four hits in the game, and when you only score one run a game you are not going to win many of them. The Bucs are home thursday night at 7:30pm when Midlothian Post 186 comes to town. The Bucs are now 5-9 on the season. It was a very muggy day here in CH and wed doesn't look like it is going any better. MICKEY

What Is This?

Jr putting sun tan lotion on Lee

Bucs At Post 137 Tonight

The post 284 will be back in action tonight as we travel to South Richmond Post 137 at Johnny Oates Park at L.C. Birf high school. Post 137 is in 1st place and hve only lost two games so the Bucs will have there work cut out for them. The Jr Bucs I think are playing at VSU at 7pm, I am not sure who they are playing but may be the Jr Pirates. It looks like it is going to be hot here in CH the next couple of days and pay attention to the tropics because the are two systems heading towards the US both is seems will come thru the Gulf of Mexico. I didn't go to the fireworks last night here in CH but I could here them and I think the show went on for at least 30 minutes and the ending sounde like they were blowing up CH there so many fireworks going off. MICKEY

Monday, July 04, 2005

It's Nice Here In KDH

It has been a very nice day so far here in KDH with the temp in the upper 70's and a very light wind. The temp is suppose to get to the low 80's and there is a slight chance of a t-storm this afternoon. I ran 3 1/2 miles earlier today over by First Flight High School, they are some good running areas over there willl all the path and athlectic facilities. I have posted a few photos from the Duck Research Pier taken earlier today, as you can see the beach is pretty crowded, the phot was taken around 10am. I will be heading back to CH tonight probably right after supper. I hope everbody has a good 4th and that there are no more lucky dogs today. MICKEY
looking south down the beach
looking north up the beach

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Could There Be A Lucky Dog On The Grill

Dad mad his famous Bobby's Burnt Burgers and hot dogs on the grill tonight. The question is did somebody get a lucky dog? MICKEY
Could there be a lucky dog on the grill.
Dad getting lucky dog of the floor
Dad with lucky dog
luck dog heading back to the grill
Keith laughing as lucky dog heads back to the grill.
Mr Lucky Dog
I think Maureen got the lucky dog.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Bucs Take It On The Chin

The Bucs took one on he the chin tonight losing to Lakeside Post 125 8-3 at St Christophers. It was a much closer game than the final score indicated. The Bucs are now 5-8 and play South Richmond Post 137 at LC Bird tuesday at 7:30pm. I am going to the beach early sunday morning, I will post something on the blog from there. MICKEY

Friday, July 01, 2005

Have A Safe 4th

A photo taken a few years ago from on top of the beachouse. MICKEY

Very Hot Today

It was a very warm and muggy here today in CH, I thought we might get some t-storms but they never made it. I did run outside today and was pretty warm, I only made it about 3.5 miles before I decided it was to hot. We have a 5pm baseball game saturday at Lakeside Post 125 the game will be played at St Christophers. I am going to head down to KDH sunday morning for a few days, I don't hink it will be as hot down there as it is here. I will try to take some photos from down there and put them on the blog, I hope everybody will have a Happy Independence Day. MICKEY

A Old Classic, Bernard And Al

Scott sent me this one of Al and Bernard, I don't know where it was taken at. MICKEY