Friday, September 28, 2007


I'm glad it is Friday and I'm leaving town. I hope the computer works until I can get back. I don't know what is wrong with it but I am posting this from the one that didn't start this morning.

Melanie got he answer to the riddle.

What kind of hogs do you find on highways?
Road hogs


What goes on in a planetarium?

Brain Bruisers Question

It was once only owned by the very wealthy. Now...anybody can have it. You can't take it from the library. You can't buy it. What am I?

I forgot to give you the answer to the brain bruiser question for Sept 25.
This is the answer.

Only the well-to-do had it in the 70s.
Extract faster moving air molecules. Some blame it for obesity problems. The name implies its Only function.
air conditoning


Louise said...

"air conditioning". That's what I have been thinking all week but thought no, that's probably not right answer.

Claire said...

You should go with what you think. You were right