Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Glenn got the riddle right yesterday. I should of know he would get it because it had to do with bait.


What did the Librarian use for bait?



What kind of person loves cocoa?

Yeah!! Going shopping today to look for furniture and shades for the new room. No one is here to work on the room so I don't know when I will get to actually put the furniture in the room. I did cook the first thing on the new stove. I cooked pancakes for Andrew. He spent the night at our house because his Mom had a meeting early in the morning. Mickey has used the stove before but not me. I will have to practice so I will be able to cook Christmas Eve dinner.


Trapper said...


Trapper said...

SiS Hurry up and get to know your new stove, so you can cook up Christmas Dinner!!!....LOL>>>LOL