Monday, December 13, 2010


Well I woke up this morning to a surprise dusting of snow and I have to say I didn't hear any of the weatherman calling for it yesterday so where did it come from. It is going to be very cold all week and there a couple of chances of snow during the week. Well the Green Bay Packers played just terrible yesterday losing to the Lions 7-3 and losing the QB to a concussion as well, I have to say this not a playoff team. The Redskins found another way to lose yesterday, there kickers missed 2 field goals from less than 30 yards and then the holder dropped the snap on th game tying extra point. Well I finally got my appetite back yesterday and had very good lunch at Outback, it was the fist good meal that I have had since Wednesday. I am still having some side pain from time to time but I am going to head to work this morning but I am just going to be on light duty for the next few days, no lifting period. Well I have to go get the snow off my car and head to work. MICKEY

Beans, Yuck
It’s hard to imagine a more perfect food than beans. One cooked cupful can provide as much as 17 g fiber. They're also loaded with protein and dozens of key nutrients, including a few most women fall short on—calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Studies tie beans to a reduced risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and breast and colon cancers.

The latest dietary guidelines recommend consuming at least 3 cups of beans a week—3 times the measly 1 cup we usually get. Keep your cupboards stocked with all kinds: black, white, kidney, fat-free refried, etc. Use them in salads, stuffed baked potatoes, and veggie chili or pureed for sandwich spreads.


Al said...

so has your cronic side pain been because of this side pain all these years?

Anonymous said...

did you pay for your own lunch at outback?