Saturday, July 16, 2011


Well I made my weekly trip down to Wal-Mart this morning and I have to say I wasn't very happy because I couldn't get to some of the items I wanted because of the isles being blocked.  I just don't know why the don't clean the main isles at 6am, there has be another area that they can clean at 6am besides the drink isles.  It seems like that every time I need something that isle of the store is being cleaned.  Also I did notice that the CH Wal-Mart is now in full back to school mode with there sales, there is allot of back to school stuff down there.  I didn't make my trip over to Dunkin Donuts because nobody wanted non except me, everybody else here at the house has decided to cut back on what they have been eating.  Ryan Newman captured the pole for this weekends race at New Hampshire, his teammate and car owner Tony Stewart will join him on the front row.  I am still mulling over whether I am going to do the college football contest again this year, I may take poll and see if everybody wants to do it again this year.  MICKEY

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