Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Well me, dad, Keith & Andrew went over to the Outer Banks Daredevils game last night to watch them play the Wilson Tobs in Coastal Plains League Baseball.  I have to say we got our moneys worth in the 6 innings that we where there before the threat of rain sent us home with the Daredevils leading the Tobs 9-2.  We saw a grand slam by the Daredevils and the manager and assistant coach from Wilson ejected in the sane inning by 2 different umpires and I have to say the umps seemed to have a bit of a quick trigger in tossing them out the game.  The Daredevils went on to win the game last night 13-2.  Also me & dad where both injured at the game in two different circumstances, dad was hit by an errant throw which hit him in the ribs by a 6 year old and I injured my left heel exiting the bleachers.  Hopefully I will be back on the beach this afternoon but it is a bit cloudy this morning.  MICKEY

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