Thursday, March 03, 2005

no baseball today

Today's baseball scrimmage today has been cancelled due to field conditions. The team that we were going to play is leaving for Florida tommorow so th game will not be rescheduled. We are working on getting another scrimmage early next week with another school. The weather did improve a little today but it was still cold, hopefully spring will be just around the corner. MICKEY


Keith said...

Did it rain? I thought you said the Stadium would be ready. Probably, a good thing it was cancelled because of the cold. Nothing more miserable that sitting and playing 10 innings in the cold. Who are you trying to scrimage?

Mick said...

Keith, the field was just to soft, it has been below freezing every night. When it thaws out everday it just makes it very soft, and your right it is still to cold for baseball. MICK