Saturday, August 11, 2012


First off I want to think everybody for participating in this years Mickey College Football Pick Em Contest.  This will be the 5th year that I have had the contest and it looks like it will be the biggest one that I had so far.  Nobody has one the contest more than once and the previous winners of the contest Mickey, Keith, The Chief, and Murph who one it last year.  I just want to go over a few things about the contest especially for all you the new players in this years contest.  I will send out each weeks games on Sunday morning and I need everybody's picks back by not later than 9pm on Wednesday night, the earlier the better for me.  I will pick 20-25 games each week and the picks are straight up, just pick who you think is going to win each game each week.  At the end of the year if there is a tie there will be few tie breakers use to break a tie.  Tiebreaker #1 is number of weekly wins a person has, tiebreaker #2 will be number of games you get correct in the bowl games and if tiebreaker #3 is the person closest to the number total points in the National Championship game and you be either over or under the final score.  If there is still a tie we will have co champions.  It looks like we will have 25 to 27 players in this years contest, if anybody knows anybody else who may to play in the contest I may have room for a couple more people, just let me know.  I will be sending out the 1st weeks games 2 weeks ahead of time to give everybody a little extra time.  Again thanks for playing.  MICKEY

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