Sunday, July 22, 2012


Well I have to say that I been eating way to much the last two weeks and that I am going to need to cut back very soon.  It started last week when I was on vacation and it has continued this week.  I just seem to be eating everything and to much of everything which forces me to exercise more.  Speaking of exercise my legs have felt like they have been dead for about 2 months, they just don't feel good.  Speaking of aches and pains my list is continuing to grow.  The Nationwide Series will race at Chicago today while the Sprint Cup Series is off.  Well this years football contest continues to shape, I know 2 people from last year wont be back but I have added 4 new players but I am still waiting official word from a few others.  If anybody knows anybody who would like to play just e-mail me.  Have a nice day.  MICKEY

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