Tuesday, August 02, 2011


A pretty severe thunderstorm came through Colonial Heights last night with some pretty sever cloud to ground lightning which touched off a residential fire here in the city.  When firefighters arrived on the scene they fire showing on the 2nd floor of the home which was brought under control pretty quickly.  We also got some much needed rain from the storm as well.  Speaking of the chance of rain Tropical Storm Emily looks to be making a run at the east coast this weekend, I have enclosed the 5 day projected path of the storm.  Well this years football contest is up to 19 players now which will be largest field in the history of the contest, I am still looking for 1 more player though.  I almost forgot to mention that fellow blogger Keith is out of town doing some more tough government work, he didn't have to go far this time though he just went down to Virginia Beach.  MICKEY

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