Saturday, October 20, 2012


I have to say it was a very tough night for the Colonials football team falling to Dinwiddie 66-20, the Colonials trailed at the half 52-0 and for some reason Dinwiddie kept kick onside kicks.  I can understand doing it as an element of surprise but when you are up by 42 I think it is a bit much and from what I understand they don't do this against the really good teams on there schedule.  Down at the beach Manteo lost there 1st game of the season falling to Plymouth 44-8 and Hertford beat First Flight 30-21.  In college football action to the Virginia looks to end there losing streak at home against Wake Forest, I am going to be watching this game from home.  In the NL playoffs last night the Giants stayed alive beating the Cards sending the series back to San Francisco with the Cards leading 3-2.  Kasey Kahne captured the pole for tomorrows Sprint Cup race at Kansas.  Well I guess I will watch allot of college football today.  MICKEY

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